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The 1.3.0 Update For Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Has Been Delayed To March 2nd

Nintendo has announced that the 1.3.0 update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has been delayed to March 2nd. The company says that “a bug was discovered in the update data, which requires the additional time to amend”. Nintendo also apologized to those that are waiting for the update. Unfortunately, those who are doing so will have to wait a little while longer.


12 thoughts on “The 1.3.0 Update For Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Has Been Delayed To March 2nd”

  1. Not too disappointed. I’ve still got dragon quest builders and now both bayonettas to get through so probably wouldn’t have gone back till about that time anyway

  2. yahhh a lot of fucking disappointment and rage at this one… i dont feel like arguing why this is a good thing and such cuz ya im used to delays and i get that they tryna polish and whatever

    but honestly i dont feel like logicing right now im just mad af i wanted my blades i kept pressing the check for updates button for a couple days straight got very sleep-deprived of doing that, wasted my breaktimes in school doing that, and i even did it in class. i probably sound stupid right now cuz i am but idrc ri now i didnt even mad yesterday but for some reason i am now mad af

  3. Everybody mad over a delayed update? I’m still waiting for Doom and Rocket League’s update to improve/fix shit that’s been bothering me for months.

      1. Oh, the obligatory sound glitch, low resolution in handheld, the lag and such. I don’t care about it being 30FPS which is fine for me but needs work to patch out some bothersome performance bugs.

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