Nintendo Switch

Here’s 22 Minutes Of Dragon Sinker Footage On The Switch

The 8-bit RPG Dragon Sinker will be heading to the Nintendo Switch on the 22nd February, however, a first look at the game has been uploaded to YouTube by the Nintendo Hall channel so that you can get a sneak peek before its release.

The first look video shows the first 22 minutes of game footage, you can check it out below:



  1. Amusingly enough, the game was made in Unity, so it’s (on a purely technical front) not an “8-bit” game. That said, having completed the PS4 version and some of the Vita one, it’s safe to say this game really pulls off a fantastic job of pretending to be a NES game (albeit with a higher resolution).


  2. *Sigh*. Another RPG with pre-made characters. Why can’t we get an RPG where you can make your own characters, like Class of heroes.


    1. Because the game is more of a homage to the older Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy games that had pre-made characters. In Dragon Sinker, you CAN change the follower character classes as you play and you get different sprite art for each class, but the three party leaders will always look the same.

      Class of Heroes is a different style of RPG and in fact, borrows its character creation from the Wizardry series (which was created in the west around 1981 for PC, but ended up influencing many JRPGs afterward). Granted, both FF and DW were also inspired by western computer games, but they went in completely different directions over time. :D

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