Cancelled Game 40 Winks Is Finally Coming To N64 Thanks To Crowdfunding

People power is a wonderful thing and in the world of video games, it’s made even more apparent with successful Kickstarters. Thanks to some incredibly positive crowdfunding, collect-a-thon game 40 Winks is coming to the Nintendo 64 nearly a couple of decades after it was cancelled all those years ago. PlayStation fans, however, got to enjoy it in 1999 but the Ninty port never saw the light of day due to Publisher issues.

Piko Interactive has taken it upon themselves to resurrect unfinished and cancelled games and their campaign to bring back 40 Winks to N64 is a resounding success already after it smashed through its goal of $20,000 and the total pledged so far sits proudly around the $60,000 mark with three weeks left to go.

Check out all the details on the Kickstarter page right here.

Here’s some info about 40 Winks:

40 Winks is an action platformer where you control brother and sister, Ruff and Tumble. Your goal is to collect 40 Winks scattered around the world to stop an evil man called Nitekap. Nitekap wants to turn the winks into hood-winks who are responsible for giving children nightmares.

Game Features:

  • Transform into different characters! Attack as a stealth ninja, fight as ferocious monster, or fly into action as a super hero!
  • Tons of mini-games as well! Race dragons, strap on a rocket, and more!
  • 6 themed levels – a scary castle, shipwreck city, outer space, deep down underwater, back to the prehistoric world of T-Rex and giant wasps and into the nightmare world of ghosts and monsters.
  • Co-op 2 player mode exclusive only to the N64 version.

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  1. Looks like it’s going to be one of the better looking N64 games. This is probably going to be the game as it was originally intended for the PS4 but I always wondered what could be done with the N64 now.

    For example, what could they do with custom microcode. What could they do with texturing now that faster cartridges with more storage could be made for much cheaper now. Could some modern techniques be done on N64 hardware like maybe newer forms of culling? Would faster cartridges with more space allow each model to have a larger amount of LODs? N64 games can also be compiled much quicker on todays computers so they would be able to make changes and test them much quicker.


  2. It’s always hard to believe how much money a game can cost to make. Especially a retro game. I wouldn’t mind getting this when it releases. If I’m even aware of it when it releases. Still hoping to get Justice Beaver when it releases as well (also that Sydney Hunter game). Though all of these will probably be overpriced.

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  3. Interesting that the ruff and tumble from this game are brother and sister, and in the new Sonic Comic the two new villains are named Rough and Tumble and they are brothers.


      1. That seems reasonable then. I only wish this sort of thing happened more often but with true “lost games” that never received any port. Oriental Blue is one game that would be interesting.

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  4. Hopefully this gets ported to the Switch (as part of the virtual console) and save me the trouble of emulation.

    I have the leaked prototype rom. But everything is so dark and nearly impossible to see on the Wii’s Wii64/Not64 emulators.


  5. Microsoft and Rare could’ve done the same thing with Twelve Tales: Conker 64. They could’ve resurrect an unreleased/cancelled game and bring it to the public. Microsoft, Rare and Chris Seavor should’ve done a Kickstarter campaign about bringing back Twelve Tales to the N64.

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