Nintendo Switch

GameStop Reveals Harvest Moon Light of Hope Special Edition And Pre-order Bonus

You can now pre-order Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for the Nintendo Switch from video game retailer GameStop. If you decide to take the plunge and pre-order the charming title with them then you are eligible to receive a limited edition 5-inch Chocolate Cow Plush. GameStop is selling Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition for $39.99 and you can take a look at the pre-order bonus, below.




    1. How the mighty have fallen. Oh wait! You weren’t the mighty & was just the guy publishing the real mighty’s game outside of Japan. Fuck off.

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    1. Slowly, the citizens are realizing that “Story of Seasons” is the true harvest moon. My systems were numb to people constantly uttering Stardew Valley.


  1. I may pick it up. Natsume still releases some great pre-order bonuses. The game doesn’t look completely terrible this time around. I hope Natsume eventually polishes it to be at least a somewhat respectable series again. I’m sure they’ll never top Story of Seasons but I feel like they can certainly improve somewhat.


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