Data Site Newzoo Says Nintendo Is Back In Top Ten Companies By Games Revenue

With the success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is now back the top ten companies by video game revenue. The information was shared by data site Newzoo whose “Top Video Game Companies ranking is based on analysis of annual and quarterly financial reports published by a number of relevant publicly listed game companies.” The site has also produced some informative graphs detailing general video game hardware vs software revenues and Nintendo’s own hardware vs software revenues. Take a look below.

In 2017, Nintendo’s hardware revenues grew by 266 percent from a year earlier, hitting $5.5 billion, and 48 percent of these revenues were earned in Q4 2017. This is more than both Microsoft and Sony, who earned $2.billion and $5.1 billion respectively, with hardware.


Source / Via



  1. Look at that. Nintendo and Microsoft were pretty even in the amount of money earned in 2017 according to this. Of course the difference is Microsoft had it’s ass kicked in hardware by Nintendo while Microsoft kicked Nintendo’s ass in software sales.


  2. Epic Comeback, Movies, theme Parks, game of the year, superb new system and crossing new frontiers ( casual mobile games, for revenue of course) . Kimishima San has proved that he is more than capable to bring Nintendo to a new generation of gamers.


  3. (Continuation) In fact, if we have a 3D Donkey Kong, it will be better than the 64 era because will also have Metroid Prime 4 (yes I know that Rare is no longer with Nintendo but at least Nintendo redeemed themselves with the E3 of 2017 which was something that most of us did not expected to happen).


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