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Get Ready To Celebrate Soon As February 27th Is Pokemon Day

This Tuesday is officially Pokemon Day and celebrations for the renowned franchise will be happening all over the world. I’m not too sure if we will get any reveals but if we do that would be fantastic. We know that Pokemon is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch and it would appear as though its currently being localised, which would mean a release for this year. We shall have to wait and see!



    1. Good to see that brought up, I haven’t noticed many people talking about the Star Fox anniversary either. Which is a shame, hopefully Nintendo will acknowledge fans like us and release a new game on Switch.

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  1. I’ve really got the feeling that the new Switch game will not be compatible with the handheld games in any fashion. That would give GameFreak the opportunity to really innovate the franchise further and even though it’s an unpopular opinion I really hope they do this.


      1. “they said Pokemon Bank will remain compatible with all future Pokemon Generations.”

        Could you please provide a source for this, because it seems very unlikely to me that they would make such a bold statement.

        And even if they would have promised this, company promises tend to not be very reliable on the long term.


    1. If they don’t mind pissing off thousands of Pokemon fans that have spent the last 20 years trying to catch them all, sure. They can do that. But I won’t be around for it. *must make a plan to keep my n3DS in good condition for many, many years to come if this comes to pass*


      1. I really don’t understand people like you. “yeah, let’s not innovate on gameplay because some players don’t like change.” Change is good. If you want to play an old Pokemon game then just do that :-)


      2. I don’t understand people like you. Wanting changes for the sake of change. This change will be an unnecessary change. Why? Because if people want to start from scratch, they don’t have to carry their Pokemon over from their older gen games to the one on Pokemon Switch. PokeBank is optional. But your change would definitely force those that want to carry their current collection of Pokemon to the Switch game to start all over from scratch if they want to play the new game and carry their current collection over to it..


      3. “Wanting changes for the sake of change” nah, that’s not what I want, I want the Pokémon games to make the formula fit for open world, which it really is not in the current form. Maybe I should have explained better. Sorry. Maybe it is possible to still be able to carry over your Pokémon and still change the formula but I just don’t see it work.


  2. ITS definitely bout out of the realm of possibility that Pokemon Switch might get a short reveal trailer . I am not counting on it but have high hopes it will happen.

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    1. I hope that in the next Pokémon we don’t have another talkative rotom (its annoying that I have to wait for rotom to finish talking to use the dex map). All the other features of rotomdex are excellent.


  3. If we do get a reveal of the Pokemon Switch game, I hope there is confirmation that PokeBank WILL work with it either on day 1 or within the first 3 months of it’s release. I refuse to restart my collection (ESPECIALLY after I could have lost all 721 I’ve managed to get in a fire that claimed nearly everything else I own back in early January) and I will drop this franchise like a hot rock if that ends up being a damn thing. Just like I’ve done with Mario Party and Paper Mario because of the most recent entries over the last couple of years.

    On the bright side, it will mean one less franchise to focus on on my Sony & Nintendo systems.


  4. There is some possibility that Nintendo announce something about Pokemon Switch, but I think it’s best that they announce it in E3, which is just months away.


    1. Pokemon company (game Freak) usually announces three games when the spot light is on them (it’s never happened in the history of the franchise ).


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