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The Giant Detective Pikachu Amiibo Unlocks Early Hint Videos

The amiibo that everyone wants to get their hands on at the moment is undoubtedly the giant Detective Pikachu amiibo. We weren’t too sure what it unlocks in the game but now we do thanks to Kotaku. The giant Detective Pikachu amiibo unlocks early hint videos for those users who become stuck in the game. These help videos are called Pika Prompts and they unlock faster for players who use it. It basically unlocks them earlier if you own the adorable amiibo. Detective Pikachu is out March 23rd on Nintendo 3DS.




  1. It is sad that the amiibos only work to unlock stuff, i still think that the best example on how to use them is the wolf link amiibo, that was the idea behind them to carry data from one game and use it on other games, unlocking stuff using figurines is not fun at least for me.


  2. I’m all for amiibo being used to unlock stuff… if it’s stuff you can unlock in the game WITHOUT them. Using the amiibo as a damn hard to get paywall for shit that should be easily unlockable in the game by doing certain tasks is getting out of hand.


    1. Of course, some of us only have ourselves to blame, though, when we let shit like the spinner unlocked in Hyrule Warriors by the Smash Link amiibo or the Nintendo cosplay suits for Mii in Mario Kart 8 slide. (Myself included.)


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