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It Looks As Though User Reviews Are Coming To The Nintendo eShop

Reddit user Phantomliger recently spotted that the Nintendo eShop now has a button for consumers to review eShop games that they have purchased. It seems like a good idea and it’s something that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 stores have had for quite some time. You can view the Dragon Quest Builders page here and you’ll notice a Review this Game button towards the bottom of the page.




    1. Shovelware garbage oh you mean like the indie games on the ps4 then.Well you could always not buy those games on switch problem solved.User reviews aren’t going to solve the amount of shovelware on the switch on the eshop.You could always play the demo first before making a purchasing decision.Blame nintendo and Sony as they think people are hyped up for indie games some are actually rather good while others are complete garbage.


    1. actually quite a few games had 4 stars or less. if you’re basing that comment mainly on the big wii u games, then I must question why you would think any of the wii u’s big games would have less than 4 stars. sonic rise of lyric had like 3 stars if I remember correctly. The stars generally reflected what most people thought of those games from what I remember.


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