Nintendo Switch

Here’s How Payday 2 On Switch Compares To The PS4 And Xbox 360 Versions

Payday 2 has arrived on Nintendo Switch and although it’s missing a few features that other versions have, the title looks to be running rather well on Nintendo’s hybrid console. You can check out how well it stacks up against the likes of the PS4 and Xbox 360 versions in the nifty video below from the good folk over at GameXplain.




    1. I hope you don’t mind reading because this is gonna be a long comment and I suck at those TL;DR things.

      Weak? Sadly that is true as the Switch doesn’t seem much stronger than Wii U and the Wii U isn’t too much stronger than Wii. As for being inferior, no. You are right about that. Wii and Wii U are definitely 100% inferior to the PS4 but not Switch since it is doing pretty well so far. Being weak and being inferior are not always mutually exclusive. Now if the games going to PS4 were being built from the ground up for the PS4 Pro instead of the base PS4, then Switch would have a problem. It’d be an even bigger problem if games were being built from the ground up for the Xbox One X. Even the PS4 Pro would have an issue if that were the case.

      Either way, we won’t truly see how well the Switch stands up to the PS4 til triple A games are being built for both PS4 and Switch simultaneously. Right now, it’s basically just ports. I could be mistaken but it seems Wolfenstein II is the only game that’s truly being developed on both PS4, Xbox One, and Switch roughly at the same time. 2018 is definitely the year for the Switch to truly show off how well it can hang with PS4 and Xbox One.

      Don’t get me wrong now. I’m really hoping Switch can do it, but after the Wii, Wii U, and the shenanigans of E3 2015, I’m keeping a balance between being a realist and being a Nintendo hopeful as being a 100% Nintendo hopeful died with my interest in Wii U back in late 2015, early 2016 which ultimately pushed me to get a PS4, and boy am I glad I did because I’ve been missing out with being stuck with Nintendo systems over the last ….7-10(?) years.

      If you’d gotten over your disdain for Sony’s home consoles and got a PS4 for the 3rd party games you clearly want to play, you’d probably be nearly exactly like me right now. But it’s clear we took different paths after E3 2015. You stopped playing on home consoles altogether while I got a PS4. Neither path was the wrong path, though, as it makes us who we are as individuals who should be different from each other. (Of course, some would disagree with my statement because opinions are wrong and you’re an idiot for having a different opinion one. Who those some are doesn’t matter, though. If people don’t like you for you, fuck ’em.)


      1. Actually no. The potential is there and I’ve seen it. IDK what you’re seeing besides numbers on paper but that’s always another story or you didn’t get that memo yet?

        After 2015, I quit Nintendo, I didn’t quit gaming altogether but PS4 didn’t satisfy me like PS3 so I left that system and gave XB1 a try (if you’re reading this Quadraxis, settle your spider Slayer ass for a moment because Xbox didn’t satisfy me either). So, here I am with Steam and Nintendo again.


      2. Not really. No amount of firmware updates is going to change what’s already inside the system. You can’t just do a new firmware update to the base PS4 and just magically put it on par with PS4 Pro, for instance. You’d have to actually go inside the system and replace parts to make it stronger. Hence why they made the PS4 Pro in the first place. If you want Switch to equal PS4 in power, you’re gonna have to wait for a “New” Switch, Switch Pro, or whatever the hell Nintendo will call an upgraded Switch like the rest of us. I don’t need a piece of paper with numbers to tell me this stuff as I can just look at every system that came before to tell me. It’s why the PS3 and XBox 360 got replaced by the PS4 and XBox One, and it’s why the PS4 Pro and XBox One S and XBox One X were made. It’s why the n3DS was made. Etc, etc.

        Speaking of Xbox One, I was going to get one for Rare Replay but then the fire happened last month, so now I gotta replace my damn Switch… If I even replace it at all. (We’ll see when E3 rolls around if they give us the full details about paid online.) On the bright side, the XBox One will probably be even cheaper by the time I can afford to get one.


      3. Wi U is far more powerful than the Wii (14x), while the Switch is a tiny bit more powerful than the Wii U (2x, enough to run Wii U 720p stuff in 1080p glory).
        I’m sure the Switch 2, four years from now, will be the definitive console (portable and powerful like a PS4. With the PS4 we hit a point where it is just too much costly to update further the assets).


      4. Since Switch isn’t much stronger than a Wii U, I get the feeling Nintendo intends for the Switch to be counted as an 8th gen system. It would explain all of the Wii U ports.


      5. I hope the Switch 2 will be retrocompatible, it would be ridicolous to play this ‘porting game’ with technologies so close. But Nintendo can do it (can do anticonsumer actions). Though since the Switch 2 will not be revolutionary it would be better for them to include retrocompatibility to satiate the fanbase while investing more on new games.


  1. its hardly pushing either the ps4 or switch it lpks like dreamcast HD for crying out loud

    IL HAVE A STAB IN THE DARK dd the WITCH version release without gyro mouse controls IT DID DIDNT IT il place my head back into my hands first ilapply super glue to m hands in protest at the 15 YRS BEHIND INDUSTRY


  2. oh look the CORE designed system with solid state media WINS ON LOADING STREAMING DATA lie i said it would from the get go

    harddrives lol SPOINNING CDS what is this the 1950s


    1. lol Like Church of Sasori, I really should turn on my “Zero fucks given” switch. Because you… You’re… Hm. *flips switch* You’re irrelevant. Good bye, Bowler AA.


  3. After watching the comparison video on my 4K Samsung SmartHubTV between Bayonetta 1 on Switch and XBox 360 and seeing the 360 version sadly looking better to my eyes, I think I should avoid checking this comparison video out and then sharing my opinion on it in here. Most likely said too much already with the Bayo1 comment.


    1. I think the reason why X360 ver. of Bay 1 looked better was bc the game was much darker compared to Switch and PC ver of the game. The darkness makes the games colors pop a lil more.


      1. Most likely. It’s amazing how much changing the brightness of a game and removing or adding shaders can do to the graphics of a game.


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