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Japan: Labo Kits Will Be Available To Buy From The My Nintendo Store, File Size Revealed

The online My Nintendo Store in Japan will be selling Nintendo Labo kits and Nintendo will be distributing download codes alongside for the accompanying software. Interestingly, the file size of the software won’t upset your storage space too much as each game download (Variety and Robot kits) comes in at just 1.2gb.

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      1. 32gb but that’s not counting what’s already taken up by the UI and other stuff already on the system when you buy it. It’s probably taking up even more now than it was in March 2017 since it’s had a few firmware updates since then.

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  1. Hey guys and girls of My Nintendo News! A little announcement from me:

    This is sadly my last day on the site. I’ll still come over and say hello now and then to check in with the awesome community but today marks the end of my time on this incredible Nintendo site. I’m moving on to do other things but I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you.

    Thank you to all the readers on here, Twitter and on Facebook for reading and interacting with my posts – I truly have loved every minute and every day working alongside the likes of Sickr and the other writers. From the craziness of E3 last year to weird and wonderful things like a man discovering a tumour in his hand thanks to the Joy-Con, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed delivering daily content to you.

    Catch me on Twitter if you like @Ninten_Mau5 :)



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    1. Shame. Your articles tend to be less filled with toxicity because some of us knew you’d not stand for it if the arguments got too toxic. Still, thanks for the articles, and as Metroid Bane said, good luck.

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      1. Thank you very much :) I am glad you have enjoyed reading my articles. It’s been a real pleasure and joy writing here. I’ll stick around in the comments section!

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      1. I leave this site not on a bad note as I only have fond memories but I know the comments can get a little heated from time to time! Thanks for reading buddy :)

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