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Zoink Looking To Release A Patch For Fe Due To Frame Rate Issues

If you’re on the fence about getting Fe on Nintendo, be rest assured that the game is a great 3D platformer and well worth the asking price if you ask me. However, the title isn’t without its hiccups and some users have complained about the frame rate. It tends to stutter here and there, especially in the larger areas but the developer behind Fe is looking into releasing a patch to make the experience a little smoother.

The dev took to Reddit after someone pointed out that their friend had run into some issues with Fe and they replied with the following:

Thanks for all your feedback.

Yes, we’re aware that some areas have framerate issues, and are investigating ways to alleviate it. We didn’t feel good about it, but made the decision the majority was good enough. If you want, if you feel there were certain areas in particular that extra bad, feel free to describe them.

Sorry about the crashes. The first one I can only guess what’s happening. As for the two others, it sounds like a crash we were able to track down and fix the other day and will try to have a patch for asap.

Sorry for any issues, but we hope it was fairly enjoyable apart from that. I hope we’ll be delivering an update that suits your friend soon.


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      1. I’ve plugged a good couple of hours into this game and loving it. Try not to be put off by who it has been published by – there’s not a microtransaction in sight. Pinky promise.

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      2. EA is only the publisher. Not to mention the fact that it’s part of the “EA Originals” program in which every single cent of revenue goes back to Zoink. I don’t like EA either, but the game has nearly nothing to do with them. Once again you make rude, uninformed comments. I thought we talked about this. Positivity, bro.


  1. I like the game from what I played so far and didn’t see any real noticeable frame drops yet. Say what you want about the game but don’t bash it because of EA, it’s a Zoink game, EA is just the publisher. EA originals is basically the only good thing EA is doing

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