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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Was Developed By The Same Studio Behind amiibo Festival

It has come to light that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was developed by Nd Cube, the same studio behind the infamous Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for Wii U. The developer is a subsidiary of Nintendo and primarily focuses on the company’s flagship party games, including multiple Mario Party titles, Wii Party and Wii Party U. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Nd Cube’s most recent project and first mobile game.



  1. I got a great idea! Have ND Cube do mobile games & give Mario Party to someone else because these guys are clearly casual trash. They’d be right at home on mobile devices where most casuals tend to congregate.

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    1. The worst part is that Nd Cube probably thinks that they’re great. And doesn’t even know that people hate what they did to Mario Party. How could they know? They keep doing it. But they had to of heard some complaints by now. According to the Mario Party 11 rumors that were posted here the other day, it doesn’t sound like they’ve learned ANYTHING.


  2. AC: PC is okay…
    not even half as good as a mainline game though.
    The game is just so stingy and greedy. Like… certain tasks and missions are not worth your time. Leveling up is near pointless after level 20 because the rewards are fixed at 1k bells and 10 leaf tickets with it taking like 200 tasks just to get one level up. I’ve played it a lot and even early on, it was getting a bit repetitive, the travel areas are bland and not exciting. Would like to see some sort of online multiplayer mode added, maybe bring kappa back and let him host various games.

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  3. ND Cube has proven to be inefficient with Mario Party and Animal Crossing. I give them 1 more failure and they will be fired or have a new supervisor that make them do REAL good games.


  4. I see now…. I’m getting burned by this game thanks to level/friendship/material grinding, and then luck based events.
    I’ll throw in a few more amenities after the current event and I should be done.


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