UK: Here’s This Week’s Best Nintendo Deals

If you’ve got some cash to spare for some new games and accessories then check out some of these Nintendo related deals. One of the games on offer this week is Sonic Forces and while it didn’t receive the best of reviews you can get a copy for £22. Here’s the rest of the deals in the United Kingdom this week:


  1. *checks to see if Sonic Forces has a price cut on the PS4* Fuck! Still $39.99! Sega just give it up and drop it to $19.99 or let PS Store sell it for that price temporarily. Not buying it at that price point only to end up disappointed by a horrible story for Infinite.


    1. Least The Last of Us Remastered ($9.99 right now) & Prey ($19.99) are being sold for reduced prices til March 6th. Can’t pass up that deal on LoU & I need to replace Prey since I lost my physical copy in a fire January 6th. (I’ll play that trial demo for Prey first, though, and see if I even want to re-buy the game.)


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