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Don’t Forget That Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!” Is Currently Available To Stream For Free

Just a reminder that Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! is available for you to stream for free for a limited time. It’s all part of the Pokemon Day celebrations which took place on Tuesday. I’m not entirely sure how long you’ve got until it becomes a paid stream, but if you are a Pokemon fan then you might as well take advantage of it and give it a watch.

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      1. I heard fans consider Kalos anime to be good. They really should’ve let Ash win that League. This anime style looks…fucking dumb and made Ash look like he reversed his age from 10 to 8. WTF…


      2. With the horrible ending of Ash getting fucked 3 ways from Sunday because the guy he faced just happened to have 2 legendaries in his team when Ash was not far from winning his first ever league, how exactly is Diamond & Pearl the last true good anime season? … Well I guess even a great movie can be ruined by a terrible ending… Nevermind!


  1. Til Ash is gone or til he’s actually treated like a good character that actually does win the big Pokemon League Tournaments, fuck this anime and it’s movies. A normal 12 year old would have given up by now after losing the big one so many damn times and would have just realized he sucks at this & go on to do something OTHER than Pokemon Battles.

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