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Europe: Kirby Star Allies Demo Arrives Today On Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo Europe has announced via a press release that there is a demo available today for Kirby’s upcoming adventure on the Nintendo Switch, Kirby Star Allies. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop from 3pm CET. I’m not sure if it’s going to be available in North America today, but I will update the post if it is!

“Kirby is back – and he’s finally on the Nintendo Switch console in HD! But this time, he’s not alone. Recruit enemies by hitting them with hearts, and gather helpers for a party of up to four characters. On top of that, you can join with up to three friends for a different kind of team-up action!”

Source: PR



    1. As a big Kirby fan.. the demo was okay. Not a fan of the loading screens, regardless of them only being a couple seconds. It breaks the pace a bit. Other than that it was fine. I’m generally not a fan of demos in most circumstances, bit-sized chunks of the game doesn’t do much for me. It just leaves me wanting more. The level design seems on point though. And i like the combining of abilities. I’m not sure the demo will help sway non-Kirby fans, but maybe I’m wrong.


      1. This is my first Kirby game after the one for Super Nintendo. I played it, looks decent, too much easy for me but it’s a nice festival like Smash Bros. I think it can be fun for my children, I’ll let them play and see if they want it. Eventually I’ll buy it, even if it looks costly for what’s offering. Flaming the tree wasn’t exactly educational, also it’s all about destruction, very little platforming (and I like platforming…). Anyway a decent game. Maybe Portal Knights will come first (I was undecided between the two, which to buy earlier).


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