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WSJ: Nintendo Looking To Increase Switch Sales With New Peripherals And Not Revisions

The Wall Street Journal has put out a report today on the Nintendo Switch. The publication says that Nintendo is currently looking to increase sales of the Nintendo Switch with brand new peripherals this year, rather than a standard revision of the console. Sources told the site that upcoming Switch features this year could include additional network features and new accessories that plug into the USB-C port.

“The people familiar said expanded Switch features in the coming year could also include additional network-related features and peripherals to be attached to its USB Type-C port.”

“But they said changes to the Switch itself—like a smaller version of the machine—were unlikely this year as Nintendo focuses on better manufacturing and shipping of the current model.”

“At an investor briefing in February, Mr. Kimishima, the Nintendo CEO, said he wanted to make the Switch’s product cycle longer than the five-to-six-year span that’s become customary in the videogame console industry. One person familiar with development plans said waiting longer to introduce variations in the hardware would serve that purpose.”

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  1. I got an idea for something that can hook into a USB port: a fucking external HDD!

    And no smaller Switch this year? Well as long as the 3DS is selling good, it’s not going anywhere this year. It’s game support might be miniscule but they won’t drop it since it’s the only handheld they got right now because the current Switch is just too big for some people that prefer a handheld to a home console. *pulls up a chair & waits for Mike S since he’ll surely zero in on this comment with the usual fanfare*

    I won’t get my hopes up but it’d be nice if these network features include cloud storage for save data, voice chat on the system itself, and a better looking Switch eShop because the current one is so boring.


    1. HDD support? Yes and goes well with the future-proof 2TB SD support as well. Imagin the Switch with combined 4TB storage. With the compression of game sizes, you can store a ton of shit into that little beast. :3

      Also, the 3DS must die already. It lived it’s life well but there is nothing else for it left. The Switch took the portable market over as well as home gaming.

      The cloud storage is coming and most likely for save file back ups and maybe screenshots and short recordings. Native voice chat is a must or give the Switch Discord/Twitch support for streaming/chat and BAM. Instant solution instead of that retarded setup from Splatoon 2. Also, I want full BT support for earpieces instead of using headphone jacks when gaming on TV. eShop does need a change in UI, 3DS got it right, although it takes too long to access something there. IDK


      1. As long as there’s no big games it pretty much is dead. All Nintendo’s doing is keeping it on shelves which doesn’t take anything away from game developement.


      2. Soon it’ll be time to pack up my Samus 3DS in its box as I haven’t played it at all since finishing Metroid.


      3. It did better than Federation Force. It’s also a Metroid game that came out really late in the system’s life.


      4. Til the Switch has over 60m users and 60m have said they sold their 3DS for the Switch, then I’ll believe Switch has taken over the handheld market. Right now, there is nothing telling me that Switch has taken over the handheld market.


      5. Dude, it’s already on it’s way to hit 20m in it’s first year, not even the 3DS sold that number that fast. Also, look at the 3DS’s 2018 line up. Do you remotely know or see at least 2 BIG titles for the 3DS that isn’t Detective Pikachu which isn’t really hyped in general?…


      6. Even if 20m out of 60m 3DS users did move to Switch, it’s not enough of a good reason to drop the handheld market since 40m is still a huge market of buyers they’d be missing money out of. Nintendo’s not gonna risk dropping it in the hopes the remaining 40m will migrate to Switch. Sorry but the Switch will not be replacing the home console AND handheld markets if there is a chance they can make 80m on Switch and another 40m-60m on handhelds. That’d be like dropping the home console market because the Wii U was a failure & the 3DS was making all of the money.


      7. Well it’s not up to just one or few. I believe this is solution Nintendo needed to not only capitalize both at once but ease costs on development for a separate system and software on top of saving consumers money too. Convenience and saving is the big advantage to having a hybrid console doing both.


    2. And yet the Switch consistently outsells the 3DS at its bigger size and over three times the price of its cheapest model. My thought about this is that these things just aren’t that big of a deal as some think due to the games the system has and the fact it’s portable. People are already used to lugging around tablets that can’t fit in a pocket either. It won’t be leaving this year as Nintendo hopes to continue selling it on past games and cheap price but the shift is already happening. According to Wikipedia the GBA was still being produced until around 2010 but we all know it was pretty much dead by 2006 when big Nintendo games stopped coming. Here’s an article from Kotaku as well.

      The 3DS will have a similar fate. Quietly we’ll start seeing less of them in stores likely starting with the most expensive model the New 3DS XL. I’ll be surprised if that one lasts much longer as in my Walmart we get about 2 units whenever they come in and they sit on the shelf for quite some time before being sold. This is likely due to many people willing to just spend the extra $100 for the Switch over a New 3DS XL. The White/Orange model of the New 2DS also sits though we have a ton of those. Black & Blue sells better and the base 2DS also sells decently though not as fast as Switches. I’m guessing by 2019 this will happen again starting with the New 3DS XL and I’ll probably be right as I absolutely nailed the “no more big games on 3DS by the Switch’s first anniversary” prediction.

      Tell me, was it one of those small kiddie chairs you pulled up? ;)


      1. I’m slender & short enough to sit in one of those, actually, at the ripe old age of 30 in real life… lol

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  2. Well, the current Switch can upgrade the battery and storage with new parts so that’ll be a good way to update the system without buying a new one sometime soon.


  3. ||So young and clueless…||

    ||Supreme Lord Kimishima will expand our realm until it crushes the Xbots into oblivion…||

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  4. They can’t just ignore the people criticising it’s bulk. If they don’t do my dream clam shell design with joysticks on the side they’ll at least make a Vita style Switch eventually. There is a sizeable market for it and it won’t alienate consumers.


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