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Chucklefish Could Eventually Bring Spellbound To Nintendo Switch

Spellbound, which is from the very same publisher that brought you the smash hit Stardew Valley, could eventually find its way on the Nintendo Switch. The game is listed as wizard school simulator and sounds mighty intriguing. A Nintendo Switch version hasn’t been announced but it sounds as though it might be on the cards given the success of Stardew Valley on the platform.

“Spellbound is our exploration of that premise, but the magical world we’re creating is very unlike Hogwarts. Magic in this world is very practical, taking inspiration from Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series, Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom Series, Studio Ghibli animations, and even the cartoon show Steven Universe at times.”

“The target platform is PC, but given the success of Stardew Valley on consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Brice isn’t ruling out other versions. “We’re all massive fans of the Switch at Chucklefish, and would ideally see all of our major projects hitting the platform in the future.”




    1. Both EarthBound and Pokemon while really fun, are far from perfect rpgs. They both have critical flaws in their gameplay, especially EarthBound. So I would only hope this game turns out leaps and bounds more refined. Just like how Stardew Valley surpassed the already fun (and flawed) Harvest Moon.


      1. So what are these “ctitical gameplay flaws” you speak of? Grinding? Weird way to speak of classics- anyways pokemon and earthbound are related, APE (company behind earthbound) formed Creatures Inc. which which went to work on Pokémon


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