3DS Nintendo

Detective Pikachu Game Started With The Concept Of Making Pikachu Talk

Detective Pikachu is due to be released on the Nintendo 3DS this month and its a radical departure from previous games that have stared the iconic Pokemon. Polygon recently caught up with Hiroyuki Jinnai, the producer of Detective Pikachu, who explained to the site that the team started with the concept of making Pikachu talk and the end goal was to surprise people. A Detective Pikachu seemed to work perfectly. Jinnai added that “We really worked hard to come up with a justification and setting to make that work.” However he also admitted that it “Took a lot of convincing to let us break the rules.”




  1. This month? I could’ve sworn it was a summer release. Are they really leaving Sushi Striker as all that’s left for 3DS this year?


  2. there’s more than that aka dragon quest 11 and i am sure there’s more left to announce which i think will be e3 stuff


      1. im more into the mature games Nintendo tend to have heavily censored games to kee with their overly protective demographic


  3. Are they gonna explain how Pikachu can talk in this? If it’s canon to the main games, that is.


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