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Japan: Here’s The Best-Selling SNES Games On Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Nintendo has revealed the best-selling Super Nintendo games on the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The list is a cumulative ranking as of February 11, 2018. If you are interested to see which Super Nintendo games Japanese Nintendo fans are purchasing then have a look at the list below courtesy of Reset Era member Enter The Dragon Punch.

  1. Super Mario World
  2. Mother 2 (Earthbound)
  3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  4. Donkey Kong Country
  5. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  6. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
  7. Final Fantasy VI
  8. Super Mario Kart
  9. Live A Live
  10. Final Fantasy V
  11. The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
  12. Super Metroid
  13. Kirby’s Dream Course
  14. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!
  15. Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

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4 thoughts on “Japan: Here’s The Best-Selling SNES Games On Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console”

  1. I miss the good old days of the Snes. When Nintendo still offered the best library , and you didnt really need other consoles, to get all of the big titles. This pretty much changed when the PS1 got released , wich is on par with the Snes just no Mario,DK,Zelda,Metroid (Wich the n64 didnt have eather
    ), Star Fox and some others. One thing the n64 did have though was Rare specially Banjo,Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. (Special mention to Getforce Jemini great game)

    1. Well Nintendo dug that hole themselves with their asshole ways during the late 80s & early 90s when they tried to control (and bully) 3rd parties of where they put their games. Many had enough of it & moved to PlayStation when they saw the signs that Sega was failing & failing HARD in console making and wasn’t a safe alternative to Nintendo. We just didn’t see the full extent of the damage til Gamecube when, in spite of it being the strongest system at the time, lost to the other systems which were great to develop on with little issue. And the fact they were able to play not just games but movies and CDs, too, helped matters as it was actually cheaper for consumers to buy a PlayStation that played games, movies, & music instead of buying a video game console AND a DVD player which would actually cost more to buy separately than a system that did all 3. And the rest is history.

      Basically, Nintendo got a big, fat ego, tried to bully 3rd parties into supporting only them as they wanted to be a monopoly in the gaming market, and did everything they could to imprison 3rd parties to them which ultimately backfired as it chased them off instead of beholding 3rd parties to them.

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