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“Something Special And Sought After” Teased For Snake Pass On Nintendo Switch Today, March 7

The folks at Sumo Digital recently wished a happy first birthday to the Nintendo Switch console via the official Snake Pass Twitter account. Alongside their message, they teased that they have something to announce regarding the Nintendo Switch version of Snake Pass. This isn’t the first time the developer has teased an upcoming update; earlier this year it said “some things were happening in early 2018” – so it looks like we may be hearing something fairly soon. Based on a more recent tweet, an announcement could come as early as today, March 7. You can check out the latest tease in the embedded post below:


  1. It’s probably just going to be changing the icon as a lot of people complained about it when it got updated. Be cool if it was something more to go back to as I finished the game a while back

  2. I stopped playing quite early as I got kinda frustrated about the difficulty curve making quite a jump from world 1 to 2 which left me afraid of further increases to come. Really did like the general concept though, just felt like the game’s controls are punishing you more than you own mistakes and thought this wouldn’t get any better later on.

    1. LMAO, I stopped playing for the exact same reason but I have to give it another chance. The concept is great and I think should not “waste it”.

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