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Nintendo Is Expected To Have A Bigger Share Of Console Market Than Microsoft This Year

Analysis fresh in from IHS Markit reveals that Nintendo is expected to have a larger marketshare in the video game console business than Microsoft this year. However, Sony is thought to be the one to beat this year according to the analysis. The PlayStation 4 has continued to perform well worldwide while Xbox One flounders against the two companies. IHS Markit also says that 12.8 million Switch units were sold over the course of the year.



53 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Expected To Have A Bigger Share Of Console Market Than Microsoft This Year”

    1. Well we beat them in the Holiday Rush along with PS, it’ll happen soon enough. We just need more big guns this year like GTA5, Prime 4, CoD (if it doesn’t suck), Pokemon and maybe Smash Bros. 5.

      1. People tend to claim the same for Sony’s PS4 with the “Hurr durr! PlayStation is only good for movies! Hurr durr!”

        1. Yeah, even though I love the Uncharted series, they still manage to get to me to laugh. Specially when its the clown ass who im sure youre refering to right now.

          Speaking of which, ive been putting a bit more time on my PS4 this past week, good ole Infamous.

          1. My collection of games owned by Sony themselves is growing. I’ve had God of War 3, Horizon, Journey, Until Dawn, & Wild Warms 3 for a while now, & I got Last of Us (this month) & Shadow of the Colossus (last month) recently. It’s only gonna grow with God of War 4 coming next month & that Spider-Man game whenever it hits. (I might be missing some that are also coming. *tries to remember if Death Stranding is going to be published by Sony which will make it a Sony game of sorts*) I’d add The Inpatient, the prequel to Until Dawn, into the mix but that’s VR only. (Maybe in the next year, I might get the VR stuff. That’s a huge might, though.)

              1. I haven’t gotten around to Last of Us yet. Been busy with FFXV, this place, & fixing up some of my online related stuff.

                Oh yeah! Detroit: Become Human reminds me of Until Dawn & Life is Strange so I’m stoked to have that game soon! I even recognize one of the actors for it from Grey’s Anatomy back before I stopped watching. (Stopped watching because of the fact characters kept dying or leaving. But since I enjoyed that about Game of Thrones, I might get back into Grey’s with that thought in mind. … Maybe…)

                1. Oh man, if you enjoyed the Uncharted games, you are going to love TLoU. Its Naughty Dogs best game to date.

                  You should try Heavy Rain if youre interested in Detroit, its another Quantic Dream game, and its actually really good. Its pretty much that, a game were you decide the fate of most of the characters.

                  1. I haven’t gotten around to the Uncharted games. Are they open world? If they are pretty similar to the Tomb Raider games, I might consider them eventually.

                    Heavy Rain & BEYOND: Two Souls are being sold as a bundle for 39.99, just 10 bucks more than Heavy Rain (29.99) by itself. (Beyond is also 29.99 by itself.) I might get the bundle since I can get a second game for just 10 bucks which is cheaper than buying them separate if I suddenly decide in the future to get the other. Decisions, decisions… *puts the bundle in my wishlist* I think I’m gonna use the website for PS Store from now on since it at least has an option to put games in a wishlist. And it’s quicker to search for games, too, since I can type in the name instead of going through that… Well you got a PS4 so you know how annoying it is to search for shit on the built in PS Store. lol Sony needs to update the bloody store on the system to make it more streamlined.

                    1. lol yup, same here, I think it has to do with Sony being a Japanese company (or out of state at least) I do however get charged for taxes on all my xbox purchases, which is why I try to buy as much physical media as I can.

                      1. I don’t know what’s the reason here but it’s not because they are a Japanese company as I still paid taxes on the Switch’s eShop last year when I bought LoZ: BotW, it’s DLC, Fire Emblem Warriors, it’s DLC, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, & it’s DLC. (I ended up paying a little over 90 bucks for Xenoblade 2 & it’s DLC bundled together. Ugh!)

                            1. Nah that was an article from last year. They have yet to announce any new states that are getting charged (as far as I know.)

                    1. Yup, They are developed by Sucker Punch. Same guys that did the Sly Cooper and Rocket Robots on Wheels. That last one is an N64 released before Sony made that deal with them and WAAAY before Sony even bought them.

                      1. I’ll be sure to pick it up if one of them ever ends up on PS+ as a free game. If I enjoy it like I enjoyed Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell which I also got through PS+, I’ll buy the others on PS4. Strongly thinking about getting the other Saints Row games on PS4, too. *suddenly wonders if he got Gat Out of Hell through PS+ and can’t remember* Oh right! I can check what I got for free on my PS4… And it needs to update to 5.50… I would be upset by this but I’ve been waiting for this update…

                        1. Maybe the actual infamous ps4 game will be a plus game, but the DLC (the light one) has already been given out if I remember correctly. The PS3 ones wont be playable on PS4 though. Oh Yeah GoH was actually really fun. I love how short and packed it was. I like the full games, but they just feel way to long lol. Aww crap, really? every time I turn this PS4 I see an update -_-

                          1. The update only took a couple of minutes for me. Luckily, I was busy on the computer so I didn’t mind the wait.

                            1. Man, I just wished it updated the way my xbox updates. It always does while im away. Im not getting PS Plus just for that perk though, fuck that.

                      2. Yep. I got Gat Out of Hell through PS+’s free games. And holy shit! Ratchet & Clank, Mighty No. 9, Bloodborne, & Claire: Extended Cut are for free this month! o.O *downloads all 4 of them* @.@

                        1. Oh shit, Ratchet and Clank is free for plus? thats pretty good. MN9 wasnt that good, or I shouldnt say that, it wasnt what I expected, so it ended up being a disappointment. Im not a big souls fan and Claire was an average game for me. maybe its because I couldnt look past the pixels so it didnt feel like a horror game.

                          1. Least as a free game, I can try out Mighty No.9 & not feel cheated if I utterly hate the game. (Maybe Sonic Forces will end up as a free PS+ game long before it gets a price cut from 40 to 20 bucks… I won’t buy that game til one of those come first.)

                            1. I wouldnt get your hopes up man, Sega hasnt really released that many Sonic games on Plus, and the ones they did were the 2 original Sonic games (which they released a couple of times with Plus) and That Sonic racing game, you never know though, but history isnt on your side with this one.

                        2. Bombing Bastards is the 5th game (5 free games this month. I wonder why as it’s usually just 3 or 4.) It’s called Bombing Busters on PS4, though. Nintendo lets this game keep it’s original name & is letting cross-platform multiplayer while Sony does the opposite. Oi! Sony! Don’t start doing the opposite of what Nintendo does now! What’s wrong with you!? lol

                          1. hmm, I didnt think Sony would do this so soon, but they recently reported that they would be getting rid of PS3 and PSV games in the Plus rotatio. Maybe thats it? Still though, keep banking them as long as you can.

                            1. Speaking of removing those games from the free rotation, it reminds me that someone at Sony Interactive Entertainment said he hopes something will happen this year that will stop people from asking the question “When will we be able to change our PSN name?” Some little … *resists the urge to use the term fanboy* Some little Sonyans are defending the lack of the ability to change our PSN with lines like “oh you should have made sure that was the name you wanted to be stuck with before making the account.” Some made their accounts 10 or more years ago! It’s only natural they’d want to change their username if the name they made up in their younger days isn’t them anymore or they feel it was a stupid name or whatever reason they have for wanting to change it.

                              1. I know man, most of the people that created those account well over 11 years ago. I cant believe that some of the 20 year old right now were 8 when the PS3 launched and people still think that they should had common sense when they created those accounts smh. I get being a fan of a console, but taking it to the extreme is another, and those defending the lack of option are definitely fanboys.

                                1. I’m trying to veer away from such words like fanboy. I’ve called Brandy Headache that on occasion and he cried “you’re just name calling” on numerous occasions. He even once called me a Sony fanboy in retaliation. XD

                            1. It’s actually why they claim they won’t continue the franchise because of the latest not doing so well. (Fucking stupid idiots!) Release a bundle for PS4 of every single Dead Space game (maybe add all of the movies into this bundle like Square Enix did with adding that little movie for KH into the KH 2.8 bundle) to recuperate their money on 3. (I wouldn’t mind paying 80-100 bucks for all of that content if that’s the price they want to go with for such a bundle.) If they make enough, make a 4th one as the final entry in the franchise to give a damn conclusion to those that want to know how it ends.

                              1. They could always not give us DS3, and change it for Dead Space Extraction. Youre right, they could charge 39.99 for each (1&2) and I would definitely pick them up. Double dip on the trophies and achivos lol Did you ever finish Dead Space 3?

                                1. I’ve only played Extraction. *cries* I never got a PS3 so I’ve been waiting for the entire franchise to get ported to PS4 to play the other entries.

                                  1. I would say to get a PS3 so you can catch up on all the games youve missed, but most of them seem to be getting ports to the PS4, so I say, just wait it out. Those EA games might be tough though. They have yet to release any remasters of any of their 7th Gen games. The only game they have announced so far is Burnout Paradise, and that just got announced a few weeks ago.

                  1. Give Rare back to Nintendo. They’ll whip them back into glory so fast that Microsoft will shit DRM bricks before they know it. lol

                2. Of course Sony are the ones to beat. 60m consoles sold; even millions more of games sold (if it’s not in the billions yet, it probably will be before long.) Nintendo Switch got a lot of catching up to do in overall sales. But competition is heating up & THAT is a great thing. Everyone wins when companies are actually competing & trying to outsell the other.

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