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Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey Coming To Nintendo 3DS In 2019

The classic Nintendo DS adventure is back and Mario & Luigi is staring on the Nintendo 3DS in Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey. The game is coming to the handheld system sometime in 2019. Hopefully more details will emerge soon!



      1. Look far back in my posts. I made a bet with another user named Jaded Dry Bones.

        No major releases after the first anniversary. The only way it would be proven false is if, let’s say, instead of Luigi’s Mansion remake it was Luigi’s Mansion 3. Or a NEW Mario and Luigi. You really need to come to grips with the fact that Nintendo’s focus is elsewhere and the 3DS is getting the bare minimum.

        Luigi’s Mansion makes sense a lot of sense when you think about it. Next Level Games wants to recoup some money after the huge bomb that was Federation Force. Dark Moon did really well for them selling 5 million copies so they decide to remake the original game in the Dark Moon engine. Meanwhile they’re likely going to make 3 for the Switch.


      2. A system close to the end. The “support” you keep harping on isn’t even close to what it used to get. It’s honestly reminiscent of some of the Wii U years but that’s understandable because as I said, it’s close to the end.


      3. And imo this isn’t real support. Real support is blockbuster releases that push people to buy a ton of consoles. Those days are done for the 3DS.


      4. Oh now you done it. You said “in your opinion.” He had a near neverending debate with someone over icons when Owlboy changed theirs.

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      5. And it was all over different opinions. “Icons matter to some” VS “Icons are pointless & anyone concerned with how they look are something, something.” *shrug* I better stop before he drags me into another debate that will be one sided because he’s right because of “facts” and I’m wrong because reasons. lol

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      6. Damn. I was hoping you wouldn’t realize he’s just trying to get the last word so you two would be at this for days. :/ *throws away popcorn* Well that’s 2 disappointments today.

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    1. This direct showed us what both, most users and Nintendo know : that the two systems do co exist beautifully, at least for now. The Switch has the support, the sales, the momentum it deserves, while the 3DS offers a more affordable, more portable choice, with a library full of great games. This is proven by the Switch sales, which outsells everything and by the best since 2013 sales of the 3DS, which still sells exceptionally well. The people love both systems, each one for what it offers according to a potential buyer’s needs. The point is, that the 3DS IS a solid, value for money gaming choice.

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