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The Original Luigi’s Mansion Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS This Year

The classic Luigi’s Mansion which originally appeared on the Nintendo GameCube will be available on the Nintendo 3DS. The spooky title will come to the Nintendo 3DS sometime this year and is bound to be a success.

24 thoughts on “The Original Luigi’s Mansion Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS This Year”

  1. I would buy this if it were an HD remake on the Switch, but i’m probably going to sleep on this. The 3DS can’t do the spooky lighting of the gamecube original very well.

    1. yeah i wouldn’t 60$ dollars for a pretty short game, doesn’t seem like a good deal. 40$ is acceptable though especially since it was 50$ on the gamecube

    1. They are resurrecting games from a console that’s been dead for nearly a decade, for a handheld that’s nearly dead!
      Please, stop with the fake comments! Nintendo is trying to make the 3DS great again!


    Don’t care it’s on 3DS. That system looks to just be getting remakes now lol. I’m playing the shit out of this.

    Next Level Games, you are redeemed. Now make Luigi’s Mansion 3 on Switch ;)

        1. Nintendo considers them major releases since they focused on them in the direct. If they threw them into some quick 30 second trailer, you’d have a point that they aren’t major.

          1. Nintendo’s definition is very different from consumers. Similar types of games were released on Wii U and didn’t light the charts on fire like real major releases do.

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