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Rumour: Soft Circle French Bread Apparently Working On JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Fighting Game

We heard a few weeks back a rumour suggesting that a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. We haven’t really heard too much about it since but today Shoryuken reports it’s apparently in development by studio Soft Circle French Bread. Platforms weren’t revealed, but it’s clearly just a rumour at present.

“Dasvergeben mentions he’s been contacted about a new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game, developed by Soft Circle French Bread, the creators of Melty Blood, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax and Under Night In-Birth, that “will have 2D visuals much like Dragon Ball FighterZ, and will feature Jotaro Kujo, Young Joseph Joestar, Johnny Joestar, Jolyne Cujoh, Yoshikage Kira and DIO as members of the roster, with a Story Mode and an English dub provided by VIZ Media… though even he finds this info difficult to believe”



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