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Sakurai Confirms That He’s Working On Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

The legendary Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed on Twitter that he’s working on the newly announced Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch. Sakurai says that he has some involvement in the game and that he and the team are working very hard on delivering it to fans.



      1. ||We have to hunt the leakers then to prevent Lord Sakurai from losing his motivation to do it like last time…||


      2. I thought that the reason of not putting Adventure Mode was because of The Subspace Emissary being put completely in youtube. So it was leaked?


      3. I agree 100%, Metroid Bane. There’s no way I’d buy this game again unless it had more options for the single players (like myself). Like Adventure mode etc. However, there’s other flaws with the Wii U/3DS Smash Bros. as well, which will most likely never get fixed/changed. Like how they screwed up the (once fun) Target smash mode with something more similar to Angry Birds. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

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    1. Just to make things clear : Namco was part of the Smash 4 project indeed, but Hal Lab was always the main developper.
      If you guys have some doubts, just turn on the game, or check the official website or the back of the cover.

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      1. Actually, SORA, LTD. is the co-developer of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Furthermore, Sora will once again co-develop Super Smash Bros. (working title) for Nintendo Switch.


      1. Personally the most unsense character in Smash 4 is Cloud. A character that it was never released a game about him on a Nintendo console

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      2. Snake is dead and I agree with your statement about Cloud. It’s better Sora at this point


  1. Translation:
    “Right now we’re in a stage where we just announced the title, however I’ll remain silent and completely wrapped on development daily. Until we have more announcements on content or even when we can give a release date, please be patient.”

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    1. If Wii U couldn’t handle 8 player Smash with 8 different Ice Climbers that use 2 separate characters with their own separate AIs, I very highly doubt the Switch is gonna be much more capable. :/


  2. I think we should all assume, for now, that it will be partly a port, partly new content and mechanics. If only to avoid all the whining when this ends up being the case (i.e. not an entirely new game).

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    1. Because it’s made in 4 years after the last game? Namco made the last game, not HAL and last I checked, HAL made the first 3 which the second one was made in less than 2 years for a new hardware with tons of changes and new content from the first. So this isn’t really new about a shorter wait than Brawl or 4. Besides, HAL hasn’t directly made a Smash Bros. game for over 10 years and the end of the teaser already states it’s an original game and made in 2018, not from 2014-2018. So it is new.


      1. dont forget it took them two years to make smash bros for wii u and 3ds. they announced it in 2012 and it came out in 2014. they could have began development in 2016. the reason its probably it’s so soon is because the Wii U died so early. They have made a new smash bros for every console, idk why’d stop now.

        granted, mario kart shouldn’t have been ported by that logic, but it really needed it. the game felt unfinished and was advertised poorly on the wii u


      2. We don’t know how long Smash 4 was in development after Brawl or when it started. 2 years for two versions is far-fetched. MK8 should’ve been the 9th entry instead of spending 3 years to port the same game just to fix Battle Mode which they could’ve done for the original version but I guess the Pii U killed the game as well as Smash Bros. 3DS killed the other. Anyway, new system, new game, new breathe of life for it. I’m happy it’s a 2018 release so it can give Switch another huge sales boost.


    2. It’s understandable to recycle some assets if the two consoles have specs in common. I do expect it will be more refined anyway, with definitely new content (especially the long awaited Adventure Mode).


      1. I don’t think it’s a port with the game being subtitled ” Super Smash Bros (working title) “. Why not just come out and call it ” Super Smash Bros For Switch ” or ” Super Smash Bros Deluxe/DX?


    1. I don’t think it’s the Wii U remake with the game being subtitled ” Super Smash Bros (working title) ” and having the years 2014-2018 up under it. It’s most likely a new Smash Bros title


  3. If this is indeed a new game, please tell me Sakurai is an adviser, not the lead developer, and if he is an adviser, that the developers will stand up to him if it’s a stupid idea or if he wants to keep Ganondorf as a damn clone. Quite sick of his ego, honestly. “I like Ganondorf this way, so I’m gonna keep him as a slower, more powerful knock off of Captain Falcon!” Oh & don’t reuse that retarded menu of his that’s he’s apparently used for way too many games. (Hurry up & actually keep your word for once & stay the fuck away with Smash altogether, though. You’re weighing it down much like Miyamoto weighs Star Fox down.)


    1. I hope that this next game have Adventure Mode. I loved the ones from Melee and Brawl, and also a new Smash Run that make it possible to encounter with other players and CPU to attack them and steal their power up items.


  4. Ya know, now that I actually think about it, it’s been 4 years since the release of Smash 4. There’s a very likely possibility that Sakurai and others secretly had this “sequel” to say, in development either right after SSB4 release or a year or 2 later to plan a 2018 release.


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