Nintendo Switch

NPD: The Switch Now Has The “Highest Installed Base For A Console Platform In US History”

Sony’s Playstation 4 had a successful February, according to NPD. In fact, it was February’s best-selling console. However, the Switch has managed to steal the spotlight once again. According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, “since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X, the PlayStation 4 has no longer dominated the hardware sales. Nintendo and Microsoft are both seeing growth as well”.

That’s not all. The Switch is still breaking records. Piscatella says that “Nintendo Switch remains on a record-setting sales pace. Over the first twelve months in market, Nintendo Switch has achieved the highest installed base for a console platform in history”. It’s looking increasingly likely that the second year of the Switch’s life is going to be another successful one.




    1. And Ubisoft/Activision/EA giving excuses of not putting big games on that system even though it’s a money maker that’s breaking records left and right that not even PS4 was capable of nailing.

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      1. Ubisoft gave me Mario + Rabbids and it’s upcoming DLC and Activision is giving me Crash. The games I want from them are already coming so I’m happy with their support. All I need is Ubi to announce a new Rayman. EA can just die, lol.

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      1. This is how I see it

        2018: Smash
        2019: Prime 4/Pokemon
        2020: Animal Crossing/New Zelda game
        2021:Mario Oddysea 2

        That all they need to keep the streak really, trow others games in the mix like a Star Fox and a F-Zero game and they are golden for the next 5 years.

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    1. I’d say they already took a HUGE step in the right direction with playing nice with Microsoft and cross platform multiplayer games. I also think when they realized the Wii U was a bit of a dud they let their devs get all their weirder ideas out. The ones that didn’t work that well can die with the Wii U while the ones that had promise can get rereleased on the Switch. That’s why we’re getting Captain Toad and I’m positive we’ll never see Animal Crossing amiibo Festival ever again.

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