SEGA Reveals Why Sonic Is A Blue Hedgehog

One of the world’s most recognisable platforming mascots is Sonic the Hedgehog. Former SEGA gameplay designer Hirokazu Yasuhara and artist Naoto Ohshima revealed the famous blue hedgehog’s origins at this week’s GDC 2018.

“I planned a trip to New York while this discussion was going on internally,” Ohshima said. “And so, the company [was] talking and they said ‘You know what, we definitely want to see something like an old guy with a mustache. We also want to see something that’s spiky like a porcupine, and then we also want to see a dog.’ So I drew these on a board and I went to the middle of Central Park — this is a true story — and I’m showing people these [boards]. I’m taking a survey and the result was that the hedgehog was the most popular over the [others]. …

The reason why Sonic is a blue hedgehog is simply because SEGA’s logo is blue so they thought it would be the perfect colour and it has stuck ever since.




  1. I though the reason why sonic is blue because he came from Blue planet. It never cross my mind that Sonic’s color base on SEGA’s logo. Come to think of it, maybe Sonic is the legendary Sega’s logo. :-)

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  2. As a kid during the Nes,Snes I think I might have enjoyed Sonic more than Mario. Not sure though cause I played Mario Bros 2 and 3 to dead aswell. Perhaps I like them equal , It’s a shame that Sonic never managed to make the transition to good 3d games like Mario. The franchise was on par with Nintendo first party back in the days, or its just nostalgia talking but thats how I feel.

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