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Hori Has Announced A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con With A Proper D-Pad

The Joy-Cons are fantastic controllers by Nintendo but a number of people have been miffed that the company didn’t use a standard D-Pad on them. Thankfully, peripheral manufacturer Hori has solved this issue by producing a Joy-Con with a standard D-Pad. It’s a left Joy-Con and will be available July 2018 priced at ¥2,678. However, there are tradeoffs as the Joy-Con only works in portable play and doesn’t feature standard gyro controls and HD Rumble, etc.


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Thanks Christopher B for the news tip!



  1. I don’t think the lack of hd rumble and motion matters that much as people only want this to play 2d games anyway. The fact it’s only for portable play is a bit rubbish though


  2. I was hoping for something a bit more… I’ve been holding off on buying a second controller until someone made one of these. I’d buy a pro controller, but a second set of Joy-Con would be more functional.

    Been thinking about modding the controller, but I tried to replace my Wii U GamePad screen and I broke a ribbon so I’m a little nervous to get under the hood.


  3. “However, there are tradeoffs as the Joy-Con only works in portable play and doesn’t feature standard gyro controls and HD Rumble, etc”

    Well now you just convinced me NOT to be excited for this… at all.


  4. They lost me at portable mode only and no HD rumble or gyro. Of course, I do have my Pro controller, but I do have standards. (Plus there are better 3rd party mod kits, and in gold too.)

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    1. Apparently you missed the Nintendo Labo announcement. The IR camera is the heart of the project. Plus I’m sure that there will be future applications. For instance, they could have a card game that uses IR paint that allows the Switch to read the cards and interact with the game. Perhaps scanning a Pokémon TCG card and then having that monster in Pokemon Rumble Switch. Ot they could have another hotdog eating game.


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