China: Super Mario Galaxy Now Available On NVIDIA Shield

The acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy which originally made its debut on the Wii is now available on the NVIDIA Shield in China. Super Mario Galaxy contains all the original content but it now supports 1080p. You can watch the game in action in the video below.

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      1. no it isnt it throttles back in game mode and cannot reach the peak clocks THERE IS NO X1 RELTAIL DEVICE WITH THOSE 1GHZ 2GHZ CLOCKS NVIDEA BRAGGED ABOUT

        AND you sem totally INEPT AT SPECS there is no game no app no nothing on shield that touches switches performance NT ONE sub x360 games ported to android are hardly anywhere near switch power

        and the shield is having to run ANDROID and al code has to run via thru ANDROID and switch is DIRECT TO THE CHIP SET NVN API



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      2. Aren’t you the same guy who parroted false info to me about the TX2 and Xavier chips then ran away when I corrected you?

        The TX1 in the Shield TV does run at those clocks but the GPU will throttle to the same clock speed as the Switch in docked mode. The CPU, which is WAY more important for emulation, DOES run stay at 1.9Ghz or 2Ghz.

        Those ports of games to the Shield TV were from before Android supported Vulkan so they were all using OpenGL. I get that Android has more performance overhead than the Switch’s OS but it’s not enough to halve CPU performance. It’s not like Android requires apps to run in a Java VM anymore.

        As for NVN, I have seen nothing that infers that it is exposing the GPU’s instruction set to developers. The current popular belief is that it’s just Vulkan with Nvidia extensions. If it was exposing the instruction set to devs than it wouldn’t be an API, it would just be devs coding in assembly. Of course, it’s possible that by direct-to-chip, you meant bare-metal which is the same phrase used to describe Vulkan. In actuality, both still access the chip through a driver, but the driver has to do less with the Vulkan API.

        I’ve actually asked Dolphin developers if they felt it would be possible to emulate Wii and Gamecube games on the Switch and they said they don’t think it could unless the provided a performance mode that allowed at least one or two cores to clock at 2Ghz.



      3. Because Shield TV has the advantage of being actively cooled at all times. The Switch needs to be able to retain it’s clock speeds in handheld mode for sometimes hours at a time with as little fan usage as it can manage. It’s very possible that the Switch could handle being clocked at a 2Ghz when docked while still maintaining a 768Mhz GPU clock (or close to it.. maybe 691.2?) but it likely that only dropping the GPU clock when shutting the fan off isn’t enough to keep thermals in check and would obviously decrease battery life.


      4. Heck a port of Luigi’s Mansion is coming for the 3DS so I am pretty sure we will get some games from the Gamecube on the Switch one way or another. I really would love to see the Galaxy games on the Switch. I do believe in docked mode you can emulate Gamecube games on the Switch but in handheld mode that probably would not be possible. I do think we
        will see Gamecube games ported to the Switch in big numbers, one of their vice-Presidents admitted as much early in 2017. Those Dolphin guys know their stuff though for sure. Thanks for your explanation BTW..

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      5. No problemo, negatorous! There are a few situations that might make even a port of some GC or Wii games difficult on the Switch do to limitations of the JoyCons. When it comes to games that make full use of the GC’s analog triggers and games that use the Wii Remote to detect depth, there’s really no great way to translate those features to the JoyCons. For most other games though, the only issues they would have to deal with is the gyro drift on the JoyCons.


  1. Meh… Probably the weakest Mario game I’ve ever played so I don’t care if these Galaxy games ever come to Switch. (Key word played so I’m not gonna count the trash that is Sticker Star, Color Splash, the ND Cube Mario Party games.) Now Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Sunshine are different stories. Basically any Mario game prior to the Wii.


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