UK: Super Mario Happy Meal Toys Coming Back This Summer

McDonald’s must have had some success with the Super Mario Happy Meal toys as they are planning to bring them back in the United Kingdom this summer. There will be ten new toys for collectors to collect with their meals. The Super Mario Happy Meals promotion will begin on June 13th till July 24th in the United Kingdom.

Happy Meal Box

  • There will be three Happy Meal box designs, each of which will hero one of the iconic Super Mario characters – Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. The boxes will encourage kids to explore and protect the Mushroom Kingdom, featuring puzzles and activities as well as perforated props which will help them transform into one of the gang!
  • UK only – As always there is a Happy Readers book offer printed on the box. Parents can pop out the voucher and use it to purchase a book from WHSmith (or Eason in Northern Ireland) for £1. Parents can also use the e-voucher to download a free book from


  • There are ten toys available, all are games which feature popular Super Mario characters or worlds





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