Nintendo Switch

The Switch Firmware Has Been Updated To Version 5.0.1

The Nintendo Switch‘s firmware has received a brand new update today. Updating the console will now put the Switch at version 5.0.1. However, unlike the previous update, this one isn’t very large. The only thing that Nintendo says in their official patch notes is that there were “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”.




  1. Wish they would fix that 3rd party dock issue from the last firmware update. I haven’t used my nyko charging station since I found out. It used to work perfectly but I don’t want to risk it.


    1. I would think this is what this update is fixing. They should say that though otherwise they’re leaving it up to people to risk their machines


    2. Is it because of Version 5.0 ? I have problem with my Nyko dock system too , but after that i can’t even charge or play using TV mode even with the original dock.


  2. I wonder if any of these patches hav patched out tht memory leak? hmmm B great if someone did a re-test of checking performance of Fast RMX since the memory leak kept it from having a stable 1080p resolution.

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      1. Nope when DF went over about it, it was already a couple of system updates since launch. It was definitely not in the 1st system update. lol So still no confirmation of the memory has been fixed.


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