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ARMS Director Kosuke Yabuki Talks About ARMS Representation In Smash Bros. Switch

A new Polygon interview with ARMS director Kosuke Yabuki was recently published. In it, Yabuki is asked about ARMS being represented in the upcoming Smash Bros. title on Switch. Yabuki’s response was that “I think the correct reaction is to say ‘I can’t answer that!’ Another thing I’d say is that Arms is so young — it’s only a year old — that maybe it’s too early to think about that. But I think it’s absolutely fantastic that there are people out there talking about Arms characters in that way”.



  1. It’s basically a given for an ARMS character to be in Smash.

    Most likely Spring Man.

  2. I’m pretty sure either ribbon girl or spring man will make a debut, I’m will to place bets
    Hell I’m more than sure this time Travis touchdown is entering the arena too..

    1. travis would be good but they really need to cut the number of pokemon reps down limit it to two at least i know pokenerds will moan but Mewtwo & even though i loathe that little electric rat pikachu would be enough, give the other slots to more deserving character and no clone fighters please.

      1. Okay this is an argument I’ve never understood. What would removing some already finished Pokemon do? Also Pokemon just so happens to be one of Nintendo most profitable and popular franchises and it has the most potential reps. Wouldn’t it by default have the most reps? Besides Pokemon doesn’t even have the most reps. Just look at how many fire emblem and Mario reps there are. Also sakurai himself confirmed that clones don’t take away character slots. He just adds them in since they don’t take much time.

      2. It’s always 6 Pokemon why cut the number of Pokemon out of all things an what do you mean more deserving characters how is a character more deserving then another Pokemon is a big money maker an them having 6 reps when Mario have the same or more reps and Fire Emblem as well.

      3. theres too many pokemon reps as well as mario ones but at least with mario theres different characters unlike pokemon which is a bit annoying in a fighting game as if people want a fighting game get the pokken game that’s just fanservice for the pokenerds right there

  3. It’s a pretty obvious inclusion, honestly. To be frank, when I first saw footage of Arms, I thought “ah, Smash Bros. fodder.” If no Arms character shows up in the new Smash Bros., there has to be a pretty darn good reason for it.

    1. Here’s a good reason. The series is too young. For instance, that may be the reason why we couldn’t see Cappy Mario in the trailer. Breath of the Wild Link was technically on the Wii U as well, a generation behind the Switch. Nintendo is not known for putting in characters that have just come out within that consoles generation- it’s just something they haven’t done.

      1. I’ll refute that statement, what about N64? It had OoT Link, Mario, Pikachu AND Jigglypuff. These games all came out on the N64 and pokemon was very young when smash was in development.

      2. To add to that, Brawl introduced Lucario and Lucas, both characters whose games hadn’t even been out for two years before Brawl’s release. Also, in Melee, Roy was present, and his game was released *after* Melee, he was added to promote it. Same with Corrin’s inclusion in Sm4sh, he/she was to promote Fates which released after his addition.

    1. As DLC? Why? This is a new smash. What other new characters could fill the roster? A bunch of series is already filled up within Nintendo for smash. FE, Yoshi, DK, FZero, Pikmin, to name a few.

    1. because it’s a new game…? why would they put stuff from the new game in the old game? I’m pretty sure Nintendo didn’t add Snake to Melee after Brawl came out.

      1. What other dragon characters could they pull besides her and Ridley (the latter of which serves dual purposes as Smash needs more dragons AND villains)?

  4. Spring Man fits really well on Smash Bros. I would like to see more retro characters from NES since Little Mac and Duck Hunt joined the roster, for example: Bill Rizer from Contra, Simon Belmont or Mach Rider (My dream character).

  5. Let me guess. ARMS was create solely so they could have more new IPs in Smash, rather than finally using Nintendo characters that are long overdue for spots in the roster.

  6. I’m totally on board with an ARMS character making their way into Smash, but they better not kick out longtime requests for K. Rool or Krystal or another Metroid fighter.

    Also if they pick any of them it better be Mechanica. Just my two cents.

  7. I think it’s too early. Smash 64 didn’t have any characters from a franchise that debuted on the Nintendo 64. Melee didn’t have any characters from a franchise that debuted on the Game cube. Brawl didn’t have any characters from a franchise that debuted on the Wii. Super smash bros for the Wii U didn’t have any characters from a franchise that debuted on the Wii U. Sure Smash for 3DS had characters that debuted on the 3DS, but they came from franchises that didn’t start out on the 3DS.

    TL;DR, No no no! No more (Nintendo) IPs!

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