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Team17 Looks Set To Become The UK’s Biggest Third-Party Games Publisher

Team17, the publishers behind Worms and Yooka-Laylee, are planning a £200 million IPO (initial public offering) which would make them the UK’s biggest third-party publisher. The announcement is apparently set to happen in days. Some of the titles Team17 are publishing this year are Planet Alpha, Raging Justice, Sword Legacy: Omen and Genesis Alpha One.




  1. Just 100% completed Yooka-Laylee and still hoping for a physical version. Don’t believe the negative hype btw, game had great nostalgia and classic crude humour. Quite frankly it’s a gorgeous game as well.

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    1. If you just completed it that means you’re playing the updated version, the game was broken at launch and even after patches the switch version actual runs the best o3o which shouldn’t be the case


      1. It’s not a perfect game by any means, even after the recent patch. The “arcade” games are still broken but overall frame rate runs beautiful and graphics are sharp. Might have been a bumpy start but they certainty made up for it. Don’t necessarily agree with the Nintendo Switch price tag but still hoping for some additional content plus possibly a physical cartridge. They have still yet to release the “64-Bit” Tonic that makes it look like an old N64 game.


    2. Good to hear. It’s been on my list since launch, but then I was waiting for bugs to be ironed out… Then I was waiting for the Switch version, then I was trying to decide if I still wanted it.

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      1. Personally, I’d hold off just a little longer. Something tells me Playtonic might have something planned for YL’s anniversary (April 11) either something in terms of DLC or HOPEFULLY a physical version coming soon. If they do, I’ll buy it regardless but imagine if they released an amiibo with it? They raised tons of money for this game, I wouldn’t be so surprised.


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