Japan: There’s A Kirby-Themed Version Of Otamatone, A Musical Toy Instrument

Japanese Nintendo fans will soon be getting another lucrative item in the form of a Kirby-themed Otamatone, which is a musical toy instrument. As The Verge states, the Otamatone is a musical instrument that makes digital synthesizer-like noises when you tap or slide your finger along the neck. The special Kirby Otamatone edition is only confirmed for release in Japan this May.





  1. Knowing what an Otametone is as of last year, I found this rather
    nice news to say the least! Though I know what y’all are feeling, certainly
    gives a “creepy creep” vibe with that kirby one haha.

    Here’s a video of what the otametone can do, played by mklachu who
    uses otametones as her main instruments. (she recently even made a music track
    for the cartoon OK K.O with them).

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