Nintendo Switch

Pipework Studios Says The Nintendo Switch Version Of Terraria Is Still On Its Way

We haven’t heard too much about the Nintendo Switch version of the popular Terraria but the developers behind the game say it’s still coming and that they hope to have more news to share regarding the game soon.

Thanks to Jeff S for the news tip!



      1. Why Switch? So I can finally retire my Vita. Also, I hope for the ability to ad-hoc your world to share with others without planning a LAN party to play in a group.

        I stopped playing the game altogether so it would feel kind of new to start playing again on the switch, but since Pipework has taken so long with no news, I started back on the PC. Now I’ll just have to decide if I want to buy it for a third platform when it comes to it, but yeah, the reticence by Pipeworks has been quite frustrating.


    1. actually it’s gonna be on the same level as pc. pipeworks studios are doing this so that updates to the game will be more consistent. so technically no version is gonna be superior


  1. Of course they want more money.

    I absolutely love this game, but I refuse to buy it again on every device I own. It is stupid. Plus the controls are hard on a touchscreen.


  2. Just look at how simplified Minecraft was when it came to console, its gonna be a pain trying to do things the way you always did it on the PC but having to find another route due to pieces being missing. Can’t say I will be buying it on Switch tbh


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