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This Might Be The Reason Third-Party Nintendo Switch Docks Could Be Bricking Consoles

Nintendo has advised users not to use third-party Nintendo Switch docks with their consoles amid numerous reports that consoles are being bricked since the Version 5.0.0. update. We haven’t had an official explanation as to why the third party docks are now bricking Nintendo Switch consoles, but Reddit member Intoxicus5 may have the answer:

“The USB-C protocols in the Nintendo Switch do not “play nice” with third party products and could possibly be related to the bricking issues.”

You can read his or her full analysis right here.

20 thoughts on “This Might Be The Reason Third-Party Nintendo Switch Docks Could Be Bricking Consoles”

  1. I don’t really subscribe to the conspiracy that Nintendo is doing this intentionally to get people on their own products. I thought people knew there was a risk with unlicensed hardware anyway. Back in the day Pro Logic PS1 and PS2 controllers used to malfunction by operating on their own or not responding at all.

    Its really common sense and ultimately the fault on the user’s end as they chose to buy the hardware. People just want to blame Nintendo here and act like they are the bad guy.

    1. I don’t think they did it intentionally (though it’s still their fault) but if Nintendo just says fuck you to the peoples consoles who got bricked, they are no better than Microsoft with the launch of the 360

      1. Firstly Microsoft was accused of an illegal practice in 2006 for doing that so it is very different to begin with. Secondly third party docks have been bricking consoles before this update came out.

        If Nintendo are doing this knowingly they are doing it to protect their business from things like piracy whereas Microsoft did it to increase their business and make themselves look like they were selling better.

  2. This seems like a weird explanation honestly since there shouldn’t really be anything non-standard about the USB protocols the Switch uses. Sending a DisplayPort signal while simultaneously sending and receiving USB data signals is a standardized Alternate Mode of USB Type C . The USB controller chips in the dock and the Switch aren’t custom chips either.

    The only thing that I can imagine being unique to Switch docks is that they might send some handshake information to verify to the Switch that its hooked up to a dock and not a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. That is technically a protocol but one that exists on a firmware level difference and would be separate from a USB protocol.

    Either way its difficult to imagine that anything like this would actually brick a system. It’s almost too trivial of a task unless the dock is actually allowed to update parts of the Switch’s firmware but that would be stupid.

  3. Simple… Don’t be cheap enough to buy an accessory from a 3rd party company too cheap to go through the standard licensing & testing process. This is 100% on the cheap 3rd party manufacturers and the cheap consumers.

    1. No this is Nintendo putting some unnecessary USB C “protection” in their update. It was working before the update. The 3rd parties tested their products but they don’t have any control over what Nintendo puts in their system update

  4. I wonder if the issue be solved soon because i seen a few complains around YouTube lately. Besides, we still didn’t get a separate dock for the switch.i wonder if Nintendo are still planning for it since people are having problems with there dock.

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