Nintendo Switch

GameStop Says Nintendo Switch Has Helped Drive A Healthy Increase In Hardware sales

GameStop might be battling against online retailers such as Amazon but it says that the Nintendo Switch console has helped the company drive a healthy interest in hardware sales. The growth that the company has encountered has been tied to the strength of Nintendo’s latest home and portable console.

“For the fourth quarter as a whole, GameStop’s global sales came in at $3.5 billion, increasing by 15 percent (or 12.3 percent in constant currency) year-over-year. Of that, however. the company reported a net loss of $109.8 million for the quarter, compared to $208.7 million in profit during the same period last year.”

“First, we will be taking a pause on investing in new businesses and acquisitions and focus on the fundamentals of fixing the businesses that we already have,” said GameStop CEO Michael Mauler in that call. “We have three core profitable businesses: video games, collectibles, and technology brands. And once these businesses are operating at the level that I know they can achieve, we can then explore other opportunities to drive shareholder growth.”




  1. I hope GameStop can fix the problems they have because I actually quite like my nearest GameStop store. As a side note, not much longer now til I can buy me a PS4 Pro from GameStop tomorrow. Then I can start saving money up for other stuff. Whether that will include the Switch at some point this year will depend on what Nintendo shows at E3 concerning their paid online. Hopefully one of the things will be a firmware update adding the features exclusive to that annoying smartphone app to the Switch itself. It’s okay to have a smartphone app for that stuff, but if that’s the ONLY way to use said features, it’s bullshit.


    1. I like my local gamestop too, but I’ve had to deal with bad game stops. When I was in high school, the game stop my little brother and I went to kept insisting the two of us were a gay couple, despite the fact he looked about half a decade younger than me at the time. We ended up getting a few employees fired from that location.


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