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Level-5: In The Future Our Main Titles Will All Be Released On Nintendo Switch

Level-5 has reconfirmed its commitment to the Nintendo Switch by announcing today that all their main titles will be released on Nintendo’s latest platform. The news was revealed by Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino who also revealed that Level-5 Vision 2018 is set for the fall. Here’s what he had to say:

“Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch.”

“I would like to make clear our standing as a company in the industry during Level-5 Vision 2018, which will be held in the fall. In 2018, in addition to thanking the various companies that have been involved with us, this year will likely be a turning point where we will henceforth properly represent those relationships.”




  1. Yet, somehow 3DS fanboys continue to think the 3DS is truly going to coexist alongside Switch, because Nintendo says that Switch isn’t a handheld- then why is Game Freak done with mainline Pokemon on 3DS, why is Level 5 done with big games on 3DS? Look, unless there’s a 3DS successor shown off at E3 this year, clearly the Switch IS the 3DS’s successor, whether or not people want to actually admit it.

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    1. Well, that’s what’s happenning, the two systems do co-exist, because that’s what Nintendo wants. It’s normal that the newer console gets more support than the older one, after all the Switch besides a handful of good games and a ton of indies, most of them being mediocre, it does not have the library the 3DS has. The 3DS is less supported now that the Switch is here, but you can’t call ”dead” a system that still sells well. I understand that you want that the focus is on the Switch, but this is already happening and has nothing to do with the 3DS existence, which gets it’s own (less than before) support. This fact is proven by the sales numbers of the Switch, which are not influenced at all by the 3DS existence. Each console serves another purpose now. And this is what most Switch users do not understand, including, unfortunately, you.

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      1. To me coexisting is like what used to happen with the home console and handheld selling side by side for many years. What’s happening with the 3DS and Switch is that Switch is the new young blood and the 3DS is the old guy that’s still around but will soon be forced to retire. 2018 will be the last holiday push, I guarantee it. With no big games whatever sales it has will drop off a cliff.


      2. Well, the 3DS had it’s best sales since 2013-2014…That’s the definition of coexisting.The 3DS library is full of big games, and those on the way are also big. As i said, the console which needs big games is the Switch, which does not have even a handful of those…You may guarantee whatever you want but the Switch isn’t quite there yet in terms of games, but will be there in the future


      3. Due to heavy price cutting and the fact that it still got a big release at the end of last year. At their last investor talk Nintendo listed Pokémon Switch as 2018 or later. That will be a huge game this holiday if it manages to come out this year like Nintendo said it could and like some rumors are suggesting. The 3DS will be done after that. 3DS fanboys really need to open their eyes. It was a great system, leagues better than the Wii U, but it’s time has come. Nintendo’s just seeing whatever cash they can still make off of it. Nintendo’s main studios are done with it, third parties are done with it, indies are done with it, etc.


  2. “Basically, in the future our main titles will all be released on Nintendo Switch. The idea is that what we have created for 3DS will move over to Switch.”

    Now if only Nintendo had a similar view point, then we would have had Luigi’s Mansion HD

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    1. Except Luigi’s Mansion 3DS is hardly a main game. It’s filler to see how long the 3DS can go for. If/when Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes that’s definitely a Switch game.

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      1. If it’s not a main game, then why do Switch users constantly BEG for it?? Even you don’t beleive what you say…


      2. It’s still a remake at the end of the day. I’m excited for it but it’s not a game that would push console sales. I’ve got no problem playing it on 3DS because to me the fact this is coming shows there’s interest in the series so Luigi’s Mansion 3 is very likely for the Switch. The remakes on 3DS last year didn’t garner much interest either.


      3. I would have rather had Majora’s Mask HD than 3D a few years back, as well. I love the Gameboy and DS lines, but it’s time for Nintendo to unify and really crank out an amazing, fresh library for one system like the 80s NES lineup.

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  3. The 3ds is dead. Simple as that. Switch is killing it. The 3ds is still selling like crazy. So why would they call it dead? They’ll say forever that they’ll coincide until they stop making money with the 3ds. The switch is the successor to the Wii U and 3DS. Wii U died quickly, 3ds is shortly going.

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  4. I don’t suppose that a Ni No Kuni 1 Switch port is out of the question? But what I’d really like to see is an updated version of the DS game. The one that came with a physical spellbook that you would refer to.


  5. “It’s dead.” People need to quit confusing dead with dying. PS Vita has supposedly been dead for years yet it’s still around selling, hence NOT dead… yet! Don’t be surprised if the 3DS tries to stick around for an extra year or two. After all, it can’t have the Vita show it up by staying alive years after it should have died and been retired while the 3DS goes from dying to dead in less time it took Vita to become a corpse. (Funny enough, the moment someone or somethng is born, you’ve already begun the long & arduous process of dying.)

    Anyway, carry on with this silly little debate over 3DS, guys. It’s becoming as bad as the debate over The Last Jedi with neither side wanting to shut up about it already & move on to enjoy other stuff or enjoy what they already got. *gets some popcorn* But that’s not my problem as it’s rather entertaining, actually, so I’ll just be sitting on the side lines laughing at both sides like I do with the TLJ fiasco enjoying the thing that everyone else is fighting over.

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      1. I hope they release a 3DS that’s 128bits even if its just an upgraded one and not a successor. Also I hope they put the 64 virtual console in this upgraded version (if it happens) because I don’t want to wait more years to play 64 games (I don’t have a Wii U and the money I’m saving is for the Switch because I am not rich like other people who can buy 2 consoles and 4 to 6 games in 1 year).


  6. Some people still miss the whole point here. As i said above, the two systems serve different purposes. Budget concious gamers and younger kids go for the 3DS, while others who spend much for gaming as well as users who never had a Nintendo system go for the Switch. I personally know many of both groups. The strength of the 3DS is it’s portabily, which is much better when compared to the huge Switch and it’s top notch library which is still better than what the Switch has to offer. The upcoming 3DS games might be few but good and that’s still enough to make millions of existing or potential 3DS gamers happy. The Switch gets most of the support because it needs it. How on earth would a brand new system build a library without support?? And as a friend said above ”Oh & in any case, the 3DS will be dead when NINTENDO says it is dead, not any of you bozos so have at it!”. We can’t declare a system ”dead” just beacause we want to see it dead. Something that still sells and gets new games is not dead. At least for the timebeing.

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  7. Level 5 meant to completely abandon the 3DS and by extension proper games platforms, for the lush green fields of mobile games.
    Didn’t take them long (they did what, 4 of them?) to realise it was a terrible idea to drown in the flood of f2p nickel-dimers.

    …Now feed me another Fantasy Life, Layton and Inazuma! <3


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