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Chicken Wiggle Workshop Funded And Coming To Nintendo Switch

Atooi and Jools Watsham have been successful on Kickstarter and that means that Chicken Wiggle Workshop will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. You may remember Chicken Wiggle which launched on the Nintendo 3DS but failed to take off as a fair number of potential buyers had migrated over to the Nintendo Switch. Chicken Wiggle Workshop on the Nintendo Switch will feature HD artwork and you can also view it as it was on the Nintendo 3DS.

6 thoughts on “Chicken Wiggle Workshop Funded And Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. The problem with his new releases lately, is the price. The 3DS is still a good market for his games and the Switch is an very expanded market for his games, but they were never worth more then nine, ninety-nine.

    1. Well if you wait till the time is right,it’s all good, I paid 5.49 for mutant mudds collection coz was 50% off. Definatly worth it for the two games. 3 if you include the boring puzzle block game.

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