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Warframe Developers Are Exploring The Possibilities Of Bringing The Game To Nintendo Switch

The developers behind Warframe have announced that they are exploring the possibilities of bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch. They say that they have no plans as of yet, but it’s something they are looking into.

When asked if a platform like the Nintendo Switch interests the Warframe team, Carter commented: “Oh, man, personally I love my Switch!

“I have collected so many Korok Seeds in Zelda, it’s a little embarrassing. In the studio, we are playing all sorts of games on it.

“Recently Steve was playing and loving Doom. That’s a great conversion. But as for putting Warframe on Switch, that’s a tougher question.

“Like all new systems, we’re looking at and examining possibilities, but we have no current plans to put anything on the Switch.”




      1. It depends. OW doesn’t have the Deathmatch with a large map where you can go wherever you want and I hope Blizzard will not add it just like Paladins developer did.
        In summary I love OW and Fortnite and if both games comes to the Switch the better

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    1. It’s actually really good, if not extremely grindy. It is the most space ninja-esque game on the market, and entirely free to play. The combat is incredibly fluid, and the game is mostly mission based. The only issue I have with it is the incredible amount of grinding. I tolerate it because it gives me more reason to play the incredibly well made game. Same reason I don’t mind grinding in monster hunter

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