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Pokemon Duel Version 6.0.0 Out Now

There’s an update available right now for Pokemon Duel on both iOS and Android. Version 6.0.0 of Pokemon Duel brings with it new tournament events which will begin soon, as well as new social features which allow you to keep track of your friends and other players progress in the mobile Pokemon title. New figures are available as well and you’ll also find new Plates in the store.

Here’s the change log.

1. [UX] Black Kyurem and [UX] White Kyurem are here as changes in form!
2. Social features are here!
3. A new event, tournaments, will be added soon!
4. The Rocket Start Sale is back!
5. Rocket Starter Boosters have been revamped! You are once again able to get them!



1 thought on “Pokemon Duel Version 6.0.0 Out Now”

  1. I enjoyed this game when it came out though i dislike crAPPy games. If FEH was not taking all my time i may have continued playing it.

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