Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Creating Middleware Tools Called Bezel Engine For Switch Developers

It would appear as though Nintendo is creating a middleware tools engine called the Bezel Engine for those developers producing games for the Nintendo Switch platform. The new video game engine was shown to a select few at GDC 2018 which took place last month. Details are obviously scarce, but we should undoubtedly hear more in the future.



Thanks to Christopher B for the news tip!




  1. Given how horrible Japanese ports of games are(Attack on Titan 2, Valkyre Profile 4 pics showing abysmal resolution) compare to America/EU programming work(Doom, Outlast) this engine should help Japanese developers more.


      1. Correct. Nothing about this suggests it’s multiplatform so this would only really help if a developer wants to make games specifically for the Switch. To that end, it makes me wonder who this is targeting. Is it perhaps something made with for Labo games to be made more easily?

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