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Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot Data To Be Used For Reference For Future Smash Games

You may remember that Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS had a fighter ballot. Well it now appears as though the data from the Super Smash Bros ballot might be used for future Smash Bros. titles. We already know that Super Smash Bros is coming to the Nintendo Switch so no doubt some of the data collected could be used for that.



      1. Phil Spencer the head of Xbox said yes to a fan on Twitter if Banjo has a chance in Super Smash Bros on Switch. See Phil? He doesn’t mind putting Banjo-Kazooie in Smash, well just for the sake of it. I’m sorry Nintendo First Order Reaver, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you.


      2. I know Phil Spencer says yes to see Banjo in Smash but the problem isn’t him the problem is if Lord Sakurai agree to put him in Smash


      3. Listen up, Microsoft and Mojang worked with Nintendo to create the Wii U and Switch versions of Minecraft. Which means the relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft are getting better since 2002. There might be of a chance or a possibility of Microsoft characters to be included as playable characters in Smash on Switch. Well for an example, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Joanna Dark, Battletoads, Master Chief, Blinx, Marcus Fenix and many more. Well, I think we’ll have to wait and see until E3 2018 for more information.


      4. Maybe I didn’t explain well what I mean in the last comment. I understand what Phil Spencer said to the fan and I don’t see anything wrong, what I’m trying to say it’s this: It depends to Lord Sakurai and Nintendo to decide if they want to put characters from rivals company, Nintendo can say I don’t want Banjo Kazooie because they aren’t anymore a game from a Nintendo console.

        Everything depends fron both Nintendo and Lord Sakurai. To me there isn’t a problem to see BK on Smash but I’m not Nintendo.

        Here is my video with the characters I want to see in Smash 5


      5. Right ok, can we just wait for another 2 months until E3 2018 for more details? Well, only if Nintendo made an agreement with Microsoft to incorporate Xbox characters into Smash Bros on Switch. I call it a partnership. But everything needs to be negotiated first. Do you know what I’m talking about?


      1. Just like how Cloud Strife could never make it in, right?
        So long as they’re a video game character, I’m not going to discount anyone.

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  1. Ugh, everyone keeps on asking for King K. Cool and Banjo Kazooe, I really don’t want to see wasted character slots with those two. I don’t even have or want any new character requests, I just want all the veteren characters to return with ivysaur and squirlte being separate characters.


      1. I think Meowth was the only one planned to be in Smash 64 that’snever made it in. Characters like Sonic, Snake, and Banjo Kazooie were at least considered for Melee.


    1. Well, we got Bayonetta cause the game was trending back in the days of the ballot. I see people here asking for a Waddle Dee with a Bandana. Like, really? A Waddle Dee with a Bandana! Let’s be realistic. K-Rool and BK deserve to be in Smash, one cause is the villain of an important Nintendo IP and actually, he can fit (sorry Ridley). And BK is the picture of the greatest hit of a console generation, the 64 era. So many years later people still talk and remember freshly BanjoKazooie. Do you see people asking for Cool Spot? Or Kid Chameleon? Or someone from mortal combat? No. Why? Cause Banjo Kazooie is above that. It is iconic.

      You guys complain a lot but actually you should first revise your own comments before other’s people comments.

      PD. The fire-emblem amount of characters must be highly reduce. It looks like a FE vs Mario game at the moment.


      1. Double standards. If Ridley’s too big to shrink to be in Smash, Olimar’s way too tiny to be enlarged to be in Smash. But whatever. It’s their opinion. Maybe they just don’t see how he could work. Or they don’t want Ridley in not because he’s “too big” but because they’re terrified that Sakurai might turn him into a sad little clone much like he did with Ganondorf and the “too big” thing really is an excuse. (*sigh* Poor Ganon. He may never get a true representation in Smash as long as Sakurai is around. I’d love to be proven wrong and the next Smash actually gives him a moveset more true to his character in the Zelda franchise but I won’t hold my breath.) Or maybe they are getting Ridley confused with Kraid who takes up 5 screens.

        In any case, I need a new slogan for Ridley since “Ridley 4 Smash!” probably won’t make sense anymore if Smash for Switch is a new entry. Maybe I’ll replace the first s in Smash with a 5.


  2. I’m so worried for this game, if they announce crap thrid party characters like the past (cloud,snake, sonic) it will be meh again


  3. Yet another comment section filled with “SSB I Wants”. After December 2015, I’ve lost all faith in Sakurai. At least Kirby doesn’t give us huge expectations.

    SSB4 was ultimately disappointing.


  4. I wonder how high up Ridley got. With all the casuals asking for Shrek & Goku (characters I adore but refuse to accept in Smash as they aren’t original video game characters as one started out in books & the other started out in manga/Japanese comic books,) I doubt Ridley got very high.


    1. Not to mention Sakurai’s statement (which also became an inflated meme) that Ridley is too big, effects how people think about how Ridley could actually work despite that. And the total disregard that modders have made Ridley work in the past.

      But of course, “true fans” would never get involved in “criminal activity” that doesn’t receive “Daddy Sakurai”‘s blessings.


  5. I’m just a humble old skool gamer, all I want is Knuckles and Slippy Toad as playable characters in smash…
    (If I were super greedy, I’d also ask for Krystal, Amy Rose, and for Snake to return.)

    But, alas, I am nothing more than a humble gamer who would never EVER ask for all of those things at once. ;b


  6. Banjo-Kazooie! Banjo-Kazooie! Banjo-Kazooie! Banjo-Kazooie! Banjo-Kazooie! Banjo-Kazooie! Come on Lord Sakurai and Nintendo, let Microsoft give you the opportunity to put in Xbox characters into Smash Bros on Switch! Like Banjo-Kazooie for an example!


  7. I would like to have Decidueye as an unlockable character and a DK character also as an unlockable character for Smash Switch.


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