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Amazon: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On Offer For $59

If you’ve yet to pick up a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for lengthy Switch sessions in front of your TV then you should head on over to Amazon. The retailer currently has the standard black Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on offer for $59 and it normally retails for $70. You can buy one here.

6 thoughts on “Amazon: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On Offer For $59”

    1. Same here. I missed my chance to grab the Xenoblade controller and I really want that fixed D-Pad. A Smash Bros one would be cool.

      1. I wonder what other games they’ll release another version for? My guess is for sure Smash Bros. My other one would be Animal Crossing. I’d say Pokemon would but given their nature to stay portable. I’d say they’d get their own special joy cons.

        1. Good ideas, I’d buy the Animal Crossing one. Well, if Gamecube virtual console is coming at some point maybe they’ll release a Pro Controller with the purple color scheme.

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