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An Option To Link Your Nintendo Account To Twitch Was Added To Rocket League Switch, But It Doesn’t Work

Today was a big day for the Switch version of Rocket League, thanks to a major update that was released. However, it turns out that the official patch notes left something out. Users have discovered that an option to link your Nintendo Account to Twitch was added, but it doesn’t work. It is unknown why, and Psyonix has yet to comment about the matter. Some users on ResetEra have already tried other methods of linking their Nintendo Accounts, but so far, only one user has been seeing results. Here’s a tweet showing off the option in-game, as well as the error:

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  1. Maybe the online services will come with an actual Twitch app for the Switch? Would be big if it happened but Nintendo hasnt had the greatest track record with understanding the idea of live streaming

    1. Nah. In their roadmap for the planned updated this year they had adding support for Switch owners to get fan rewards from watching their pro tournaments on Twitch somewhere after the Spring update.

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