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Video: Here’s The First Trailer For Little Dragons Cafe

Aksys Games has released the first trailer for the upcoming Little Dragons Cafe for the Nintendo Switch. The cute title is scheduled to come to Nintendo’s latest platform in summer 2018. It’s by Yasuhiro Wada who designed a number of popular franchises. Have a watch below!

2 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The First Trailer For Little Dragons Cafe”

  1. I don’t think that this game will be great, but I think tnat it’ll be fun and cute, and that’s good enough for me. ^^
    I’ve been playing some of the older HM games, and I think that they’ve never been a very great group of game makers, they just got really lucky sometimes. XD

    1. Well Marvelous has never tried to push the boundaries with the franchise’s graphics & mechanics. But I wouldn’t say they got lucky more so than they just didn’t have any real competition in this genre of video games. And with how badly Natsume has done with their original Harvest Moon games so far, they won’t be a viable threat to Marvelous for quite some time.

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