Nintendo Switch

Funimation Says They Haven’t Made An Official Announcement Regarding A Nintendo Switch App

Yesterday word spread through the internet that Funimation were busy developing an app for the Nintendo Switch. Today, the company has taken to Twitter to state that they haven’t actually officially announced the said application and when there’s anything official to announce, you’ll hear it from the company themselves.

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the news tip!



    1. But their official announcement detailing their future official announcement did officially announce that they are officially trying to get on the platform, which may as well have been an official announcement that the app was officially in development for the Switch, making the rumors of the announcement all but official

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  1. I mean, I guess there’s a difference between “working on” and “releasing” a product. “Working on” means they could always find a reason to say it won’t work satisfactorily and “releasing” means all the problems got worked out and the only thing holding it back is time.


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