Nintendo Switch

ARMS Will Be Updated To Version 5.3 Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced on Twitter that ARMS will receiving an update tomorrow. We do not know what version 5.3 will have at this time, but it’s very likely that official patch notes will be released when the update comes out. When the update is out, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, we’ve included the official tweet for you down below. Feel free to check it out.




    1. There’s no way to release a “complete” game when you’re making a competitive online game. Balance takes a ton of data you can’t get until the game is out in the wild, and small number tweaks can make huge swings in the data. But if it helps, these sort of changes are handled by a small QA team that isn’t pulling a lot of resources away from new titles. Even when a studio is putting out DLC content, it’s being handled by a small segment of the team while the rest work on the the next project.

      If people don’t trust that a game will receive support post launch, they won’t buy into the game in the first place.


  1. It’s about a week that we are playing just this game. Actually it’s pretty ripened, they added stuff and balanced the game a lot. New character were really mediocre, Dr Coyle the worst. This game is a really brilliant fighting game, a little gem from Nintendo. The company needs to risk on new IPs, they can hit new ground, like they did with ARMS. More original content please, AA or AAA.


  2. I got back into Arms recently and forgot how great the game actually is, especially with all the new content. The badges were a really cool addition


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