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Japan: Etrian Odyssey X Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Atlus has lifted the lid on the next game in the Etrian Odyssey series which is titled Etrian Odyssey X. The game is for the Nintendo 3DS and will be released in Japan on August 2nd. Here’s all the details from the press release courtesy of Gematsu.


Adventurers all over the world. Gather in the flying city of “Maginia,” and aim for the treasure on the remote island in the distant sea.

Under the decree of Princess Persephone, adventurers gathered in the flying city of “Maginia.” Wealth, honor, and possibly unknown adventure lies dormant in “Lemuria.” Keep your pride in your heart, and move forward—.

A Crossover of Classes

Create your party from 19 classes, including every class from previous Etrian Odyssey games and the brand-new “Hero” class.

The full list of classes is as follows:

  • Bushido
  • Farmer
  • Gunner
  • Hero (New)
  • Highlander
  • Imperial
  • Landsknecht
  • Medic
  • Mystic
  • Nightseeker
  • Paladin
  • Prince / Princess
  • Pugilist
  • Ranger
  • Reaper
  • Shinobi
  • Shogun
  • War Magus
  • Zodiac

Unprecedented Volume

Many untrodden labyrinths lie dormant in the new setting of “Lemuria, the Remote Island of the Distant Sea.” The volume of the game is the greatest in the series thus far. Draw maps to your heart’s content! Can you solve the mystery of an ancient civilization?

Refined Systems

A crossover of the series’ systems make for the highest quality game. Systems include character creation, sub-classes, Force Burst / Force Break, and difficulty levels. Systems unique to the series such as drawing maps with the stylus are also present.

First-Print Purchase Bonus

First-print purchases for Etrian Odyssey X will include the “New Adventurers Illustration Pack” downloadable content, which contains five class illustrations from guest illustrators. The full list is as follows:

  • Shigatake – Illustration Theme: Farmer
  • Yuki Takahata (FLIPFLOPs) – Illustration THeme: Gunner
  • Shirow Miwa – Illustration Theme: Nightseeker
  • Mota – Illustration Theme: Medic
  • Shigenori Soejima – Illustration Theme: Project Re Fantasy (Special Collaboration)


  • Director: Shigeo Komori (Etrian Odyssey series, Etrian Odyssey Untold series, etc.)
  • Character Design: Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyssey series, Yoshinaga-san Chi no Gargoyle, etc.)
  • Composer: Yuzo Koshiro (Ys, ActRaiser, Etrian Odyssey series, etc.)
  • Monster Design: Shin Nagasawa (Etrian Odyssey, etc.)


39 thoughts on “Japan: Etrian Odyssey X Announced For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. It is pretty weird how Atlus is like the last developer putting a game like this on 3DS. They’re putting Shin Megami Tensei V on Switch but this is for 3DS. Gotta wonder why. Even Yo-Kai Watch is making the jump to Switch.

      1. It makes sense for Etrian Odyssey though. They possible don’t even know yet how to handle it.

        The series was designed to take advantage of the DS’s two screen format, something the Switch can’t replicate.

      2. The 4DS is the only possible new platform to release Etrian games on. Just think of Odyssey 5 and X as beta for whatever the 4DS game will be. And they get to collect more funds to do more stuff which they can do with the 4DS hardware.

              1. They need a $129 to $169 machine for both kids and budget-folks that has retail games that cost a maximum of $20 to $30 with such portability that you fit everything inbrin one pocket (including kids pockets) and has a minimum battery life of 10 to 20 hours and has all the gimmicks (3D, 4D, dual capacitive touchscreens, virtual or tru surround sound speakerphones, StreetPass, stylus, etc.). The Switch can’t do that. And a new iteration of the Switch would come out in 2020 and cost $299 and possible discontinuation of the OG Switch, or bring original Switch price down to $249.

                  1. Who says he’s trolling? It could just be his honest opinion/expectation/theory for Nintendo’s next handheld. Til Nintendo says otherwise, some of us are still expecting a dedicated handheld. The Switch being a portable home console could still end up being just a gimmick. Meanwhile, the new handheld could act as a streaming/casting device that allows people to play their handheld games on the TV. With how secretive Nintendo is, I wouldn’t be surprised.

                    And I know, I know. “But Pokemon is gonna be on the Switch!” But here is the problem with that reasoning: Nintendo handhelds were a thing in 1989 and Pokemon didn’t become a thing for handhelds til 1996; who is to say the handhelds won’t be a thing long after Pokemon has moved to home consoles? I’ll tell you who is to say: Nintendo themselves. Til Ninty make it official, your expectation is no more fact than kaizar999’s right now no matter how many times you bring up the Pokemon reasoning.

                    1. Then what is going to sell their handhelds because Pokémon isn’t the only franchise that made the move.

                      1. I listed the games; like Luigi Mansion and Captain Toad 2 and Kid Icarus and 9th gen pokemon for the 4D experience and etrian ody

                        1. Also, seriously, his posting style is a dead giveaway. Just take a look at the features he rattled off. Simply saying you think a dedicated handheld is coming is one thing, doing what he does is just too obvious.

                1. Yo-Kai Watch, Shin Megami Tensei, and plenty of other examples moving to the Switch. What’s staying on 3DS (for now) is a small minority.

                        1. Every day something gets closer to dying. The 3DS is near the end. By this time next year it’ll be a total ghost town just like how I predicted major Nintendo releases would stop this year.

                                1. It’s a process. We’re near the end of that process. If it’s 2019 like you previously said then I’m not wrong.

                                  1. I predict holiday this they will replace old 2DS with New 3DS regular at $79. Faze out 3DS family of systems in Summer 2019 in shipment, then release 4DS for November 2019 on same day as New 3DS exclusive title Pokémon Rainbow. Have Luigi mansion 3 and Kid Icarus Uprising re-release and captain toad treasure track 2 and paper mario color splash port hiting the 4DS. 8th gen pokémon on Switch possibly, with 9th gen pokémon on 4DS for the 4D experience. Level 5 doing dual release of games on both Switch & 4DS. Project Octopath traveler 2 on Switch and Bravely third on 4DS as well as Golden Sun 4 on 4DS (originally was being made for 3DS since 2010 but Metriod prime federation force was originally being made for DS since 2010 as well ironically).

                  1. I MUST HAVE THIS GAME!!
                    But seriously, 19 classes?!? What a way to end the series with a bang!
                    If they ever add a DS/2DS Virtual Console to the Switch (I’m a little doubtful), I really hope the Etrian Odyssey series is on it.

                  2. I’m worried for if & when this franchise transitions to Switch. I don’t like the idea of using gyro controls for map creation at all. I’d rather have a second screen with touch controls using a stylus. I guess they could make a Switch controller that acts as a second screen. Maybe a Joy-Con Grip with a touch screen built in? If they are working on such a Joy-Con Grip, I wonder how much that thing will cost.

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