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NIS America CEO Has Apologised For PS4 Comments When Talking About SNK Heroines On Nintendo Switch

NIS America sent an email out yesterday to media to apologise for the CEO’s recent comments in MCV magazine regarding Sony. We published the original article here.

NIS America President Takuro Yamashita would like to issue a statement regarding his comments made in the April 2018 MCV article titled, “Switching Gear,” which can be found here.

“I must extend my most heartfelt apology to SNK and Sony Interactive Entertainment. The truth is that the Nintendo Switch exclusive plan was originally decided by NIS America, and only later among discussions with influential SNK people did we decide the best option moving forward would be to have as much exposure as possible. This is why that in the end, we are bringing the PS4 version of SNK HEROINES to the market, and even supported this version at the NISA Press Event and in the press meetings in February and March.

In discussing matters with MCV, I thought that some insider information would make them interested in the overall conversation, and such lip service did not stand on the side of truth.

Once again, I apologize to SNK and Sony if it made them seem negative towards the PS4 platform in any way, and stress that the original goal of a “Nintendo Switch exclusive” version of SNK HEROINES came from NISA.”

Takuro Yamashita
CEO and President of NIS America, Inc.

Source: email

22 thoughts on “NIS America CEO Has Apologised For PS4 Comments When Talking About SNK Heroines On Nintendo Switch”

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  2. This is just ridiculous do any of the 3rd parties apologize when a title is confirmed to be not coming to Switch or staying on PS4 exclusively? no? This is just lame no company should have to apologize for a perfectly sound business decision out of fear of upsetting Lord Sony I seriously am disliking Sony more and more each day because the picture of what they’re like with 3rd parties is getting quite clear

    Sony must be a REALLY vain company making 3rd parties apologize whenever something isn’t announced for their systems it’s called exclusives Sony you do it too so get over it !

      1. Like Dark Light mention, Sony makes those types of deals all the time, SFV so it does not release on the Xbox One, Monster Hunter World leaks indicated that Sony asked Capcom to not release a Switch version specifically, if anything, the shitty and shady company in here is Sony for initiating those types of deals.

    1. “making 3rd parties apologize whenever something isn’t announced for their systems it’s called exclusives Sony you do it too so get over it !” 1)name one other time any company has apologized for not being Sony exclusive. 2) site literally any proof that Sony is forcing them to apologize. 3) crawl out of your own ass.

      1. Why are you even on a site for Nintendo news ? We don’t cover Sony stuff around here and we don’t go around to the Sony news sites just to white knight. You happy with your “good” for today done is it off home to Lord Sony for praise then ?

    1. Sony? Failed? We both know that’s not true. lol Nintendo has failed more often than Sony since they got involved in the industry. N64 chased away tons of 3rd parties because Ninty refused to move on to the better, at the time, CD/disc system as cartridges were becoming obsolete, Gamecube was a sales failure that pushed 3rd parties further away by not becoming a TRUE entertainment system with regular CDs and CD playback as they opted for smaller discs, Wii was a joke it’s last few years because of all the shovelware & casual crap and only got the sales it did because it was a fad that brought in all of the casuals who quickly abandoned it in favor of smartphones & tablets 3-4 years into the Wii’s lifespan, & the Wii U failure was finally the wake up call Nintendo needed to realize they needed to win 3rd parties back or their next system would have been either just as much a failure as Wii U or an even bigger failure than Wii U. But we both know who the REAL failed creation is & it’s not Sony or Nintendo (as even Nintendo had some great gems over the last 2 decades in spite of many of their shortcomings.)

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||Everything except Nintendo are failed creations…||

        ||The Atarians are however in a whole different category…||

  3. Funny how people have to apologize for offending Sony but not when they were talking crap about Nintendo during the Wii U days

    1. They didn’t need to apologize for the Wii U days because the Wii U was a failure that was a long time coming; it deserved a lot of the negativity it got. The Wii U was the amalgamation of everything Nintendo has done wrong over the last 2 decades in regards to 3rd parties. It was bound to catch up to Nintendo sooner or later. And thankfully it was a nice wake up call to Nintendo that they CAN’T survive without 3rd parties & that their exclusives alone can’t keep them afloat by themselves forever as they need something to fill out the months between major Nintendo releases.

  4. They should apologize since I see plenty of indie games getting attention & support from Sony on the PS Store for both the PS4 version & the web browser version as I see plenty of them on main pages for each tabbed selection. They made it seem like Sony has no care or respect for independent developers and that they shove all the smaller games from indie developers to the bottom of each list or never give them the front page. In fact, one of Sony’s most highly rated and, to me, best games on the PS4 is Journey, an indie game that they published. A few have even been given away through PS Plus or had deals through PS Plus that brought the price down.

    1. Damage control? You may be right but so what? There seems to be a ton of damage control for NIS America by telling them they shouldn’t apologize, too, so no one here is innocent of doing it. It goes both ways.

      Oh & I’m a Sony AND Nintendo fan so I am already on one of my sites; I’m not going anywhere. But since I haven’t seen you before til this article, I’d like to welcome you to My Nintendo News. How do you do?

      1. I do pretty well I have a Switch and PS4 so I want what’s best for all the companies. I guess it’s tempting to assume our love for a company is something that’s reciprocated when at the end of the day these are all business they’re going to to what makes sense to them

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